Tuesday, May 29

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 2

Week 3
So far, I think I can live with this.

The next time was about a week later. It was her day off, so I arranged to go in late. Instead of handing me the key, she had me warm her up by licking and rubbing her until she had come a few times. Naturally my cock was so swollen that it was pressing through the cage, making it impossible to be removed. I had to put a cold washcloth over it to make the swelling go down enough. She undid the lock and helped me take it off, eager to feel me inside of her.

The cage that I wear is a modified version of the ones that you can buy at “adult toy" stores, but since I own a machine shop, it’s more secure than the plastic models on the market. It has a hinged stainless steel ring that encircles my cock and balls. It stretches my balls out from my body a little, so I’m always just a tiny bit aware that it’s on. I expect that after a while my skin will stretch enough to be just a bit more comfortable, but it hasn’t happened yet. The cage itself is held on by two thin plastic-coated stainless steel bands fastened to the cock ring. When soft, the end of my cock just about reaches the end of the cage, and just about fills the sides. That means that as soon as I get excited, my cock swells to the point where I’m exceedingly uncomfortable. Naturally, it can’t extend any further, so the skin bulges out from the metal. It stops just short of being painful. The problem is that when I’m aroused, the feeling of constriction itself becomes even more arousing, and I’m trapped in a vicious cycle. You’d think that since I had designed and built it myself that I’d have been more aware of the comfort factor, but wearing something for a few hours is nothing like wearing it for a few weeks.

Another one of the benefits for my wife is that once I take off the cage, my cock is swollen wider than normal. I suspect that this is part of the reason that she likes me so confined. I teased my head into her, just the tip at first. I love to hear her gasp as my head slides in and rubs that spot under her pubic bone. In, then slowly out, and in less than a minute she was coming. Even though I was excited myself, I managed to give her some slow, deep strokes. I like to pull out just about all the way, and then plunge back in, my head dragging her lips. She gets very wet, and I like to fuck her this way until she’s come quite a few times. This time was no exception, and after she had come four or five times, I pressed my hips tightly against her and hugged her body close to mine. My head was still swollen, and when I angled my hips up, she responded by scratching my back with her nails. Gradually I sped up my tempo, and in another minute she was biting my shoulder, and I heard her moan lightly as she came.

Seeing that she was still excited, I turned her on her side. She loves to have me fill her this way, and she was so wet that I slipped right in. I pushed my hips up to hers so hard that her eyes popped open in surprise.

Too hard?" I asked, “Want me to stop?"

She shook her head, barely able to speak. “Just, umm… a little… ooohhhh," she moaned.

I love to watch her in the daylight, so I continued to fuck her this way for a few more minutes. My balls were swollen and sore, and as they dragged on her thigh I became more stimulated. I again pushed deeply. “Oh, honey, I want to come this way. Can I come yet?" I asked her feverishly.

She nodded, “Come for me." and pushed her hips back to meet mine.

I closed my eyes for a moment and gripped her side and her thigh. I thrust deeply into her, feeling my sore balls rubbing her thigh. Moments later, I felt my hot come gushing out, so much that it squished out of her before I had even finished. Wave after wave of pleasure propelled my hips forward until my cock was sore from pulsing. Weakly I leaned over her to kiss her neck, and then without pulling out, settled down to snuggle, spoon-style.

"That sounded nice," she said, her arm lazily caressing my leg.

"Mmmm," I moaned, “that’s because I finally got to stretch my love muscle." I hugged her tightly, enjoying her warm back against my chest and warm ass against my groin. “When I’m locked up, I can’t stretch, so all those spasms get backed up, you know." I kissed her neck. “Of course, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want me to do this more often."

She playfully pushed me away, “Because then it wouldn’t feel so special to you. I’m just trying to give you what you asked for." She turned to face me, and gave me a long, deep kiss. “And doesn’t it feel good when we finally get to have sex?" I couldn’t argue with her, so we lay there for a few more minutes until I had to leave for work. She watched me squeeze myself back into the chastity cage and lock it up. I got dressed, and remembered the morning for the rest of the week.

... to be continued

Tuesday, May 22

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 1

Week 1
They tell you to be careful in what you wish for.

As usual, I awoke with an erection. Or, more correctly, my attempt at an erection woke me; the feeling of my cock trying to grow, to stretch and swell was hampered by its confinement in a steel cage which was firmly anchored to my swollen balls by a hinged stainless steel ring, and secured with a small brass padlock which was, of course, securely locked. The constant straining against the cage had woken me, as it had woken me every morning since my wife had requested that I wear it.

It started off innocuously enough. We had been experimenting with a male chastity device, a kind of cage for my cock to heighten the teasing and denial games that we had been playing. We typically played for a few hours to a few days over a long weekend, and it usually ended in one of us removing the cage and indulging in some great sex.

One night, a week or so before my birthday, she mentioned that a neat present would be to have her lock me up for more than a few days, perhaps a week, just to heighten the arousal. I thought that she would blow it off, like she had several times in the past, but the next night found her straddling my hips, bringing me to the edge of coming, and dangling the cage in front of me. In an apparent change of attitude about the subject, she told me that once I came I would have to put on "the cage" until she felt like letting me out – no argument. When I agreed - and I was so horny that I would have agreed to anything – she then told me to beg her to lock me up ("So you won't complain, since it will be your own choice," she explained). The thought of her keeping me locked up, but continuing to tease me for a few days was pretty hot - so hot, in fact, that as I was "begging," I came harder that I'd thought possible. She gave me a few moments to bask in the afterglow, and demanded that I lock myself up again. Sometimes she teased me about the cage just to see how aroused I would get, but this time she was serious. So I put it on and she locked it. I figured that a few days of erotic torture leading up to my birthday would be fun. A week would be the longest time we'd ever gone, and I actually looked forward to the buildup of excitement.

The next morning my erection straining at the cage woke me up, and I teased myself a bit by caressing her as she slept. She woke slowly, and snaked her hand down to my cock. Sighing and moaning a bit, she moved my hand to the warm area between her legs. Obligingly, I stroked her, surprised at how quickly she became wet. Barely a few minutes later she moaned and arched her hips, and I slowed my stroking to allow her to come down. She smiled, and opened her eyes for the first time. She reached up to give me a good-morning kiss, and her hand again slid down to fondle my caged cock. I whimpered as she shook and stroked the few bits of flesh that bulged through the bars and firmly squeezed my balls.

She whispered “Do you have your key? Get it for me, please."

Not needing to be told twice, I hopped out of bed and riffled through my pants for my keyring. I removed the little silver key from the ring and sliding back into bed, handed it to her. She placed it firmly on her nightstand, and turned to see the look of amazement on my face. "What, did you think that I was going to unlock you so soon?"

I nodded, unable to speak.

She took my face in her hands and said "I want to make sure that you have a wonderful birthday present. I mean, you suggested it, right?"

"Er, no. You suggested it."

"Whatever. The point is that it’s your present and you agreed, right?"

I nodded again, feeling devastated.

"Good," she said, laying back down, "Now, how about making some coffee while I snooze for a few more minutes."

That was a week before my birthday. I remember that morning well.

The time ever since then has been incredible - for her. For the next few days she was pampered with massages and pedicures, and of course, with lots of attention from my fingers and tongue. I rubbed her body with cream after her shower, massaged her feet and painted her toenails. I still remember the first night when she rolled over to go to sleep, completely ignoring the state that I was in. It didn't take long before I was crazy with desire for her, and I tried to convince her to unlock me so that I could come. I even told her that she could lock me back up again after I was done. She anticipated that, however, and told me that she "accidentally" left the keys at work to avoid giving in to temptation. I continued to service her with my tongue each night and with my fingers in the morning, feeling my cock painfully straining against the cage. She had all the benefits, except that of feeling my warm cock inside her. She didn't complain, though, and managed to suffer through it by having me fuck her with a realistic silicone dildo while I licked and sucked on her pussy. One night, I wore her strap-on dildo and despite the maddening feeling of not being able to come, I gave her a nice long fucking that ended with a shuddering orgasm for her - and an incredibly frustrated sleepless night for me.

Finally my birthday arrived. She continued to tease me all evening, and by bedtime, I was a wreck. Then she did something that really blew my mind. The flesh of my cock was literally swollen out of the bars of the cage after an evening of pleasuring her. Crazy with desire, I lay on top of her, kissing and caressing her when my caged cock brushed her still wet pussy. Thrusting and twisting, I managed to push it a short way into her. The feeling was incredible; she had never seemed so tight or hot. Yet even as I carefully thrust into her, she began to moan and squirm. Unbelievably, she was coming. Here I was, frustrated and caged, my the skin of my cock bulging like a sausage through the bars of the cage; and she was coming! The thought was too much for me, and right after she came, I could feel the incredible pressure building up inside me as well. Unable to hold back, I desperately tried to come, but the cage left me unable to flex my shaft. Disappointingly, I had no satisfying spasms, just a few meager dribbles and suddenly, before it had even begun, it was over. It was worse than nothing; I was more frustrated than ever. My wife, perversely enjoying my lack of release, pushed my head down between her legs so that I could satisfy her. As usual, when she was finished she rolled over to go to sleep, again leaving me caged and horny.

The next morning after my birthday I awoke horny, frustrated, sore, and still caged. My wife didn't seem very eager to unlock me, so I asked her to let me out so that we might have a quickie before work. She grew quiet and looked away for a moment. Sensing that something was up, I nudged her. Pushing me onto my back, she gave me a kiss and explained that she had been getting many more benefits from having me locked up than she would have realized. She said that she liked that I was attentive, always ready to please her, and that she never had any mess to clean up afterward. She started to explain that although she missed my cock inside her, she was willing to put up with it for a while. It began to dawn on me that she was enjoying the situation more than I had anticipated. She reminded me that since it was my wish to be caged in the first place, she had no intention to unlock me anytime soon.

Week 2
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this was supposed to be my present.

Even though I've been taking care of her well - very well - with my mouth and fingers and the dildo, she insists that she misses the feel of my cock inside her. The problem is that the longer I'm caged, the hornier I become. And the hornier I become, the tougher it is for me to last long enough to satisfy her. Since then, I've been let out only about once a week so that she could enjoy the feeling of my cock, swollen from my constant caged erections. Sometimes it's at night just before she goes to sleep, but usually it's on her day off.

The first time that she let me out was wonderful. After being caged up for over a week, I fucked her wildly. Pushing her onto her side, I entered her deeply. It felt so good, I barely noticed how many times she came. Finally she decided that she wanted to ride my cock. She moaned a little as I pulled out, but wasted no time in straddling my hips and lowering herself onto me. I tried to hold back, but watching her come so strongly sent my already overloaded libido over the edge and I came hard - over a week's worth of desire and frustration suddenly released. My throat was sore from moaning, and I could barely move my legs.

"That was the best sex we’ve had in I don’t know when," I told her when I could catch my breath.

She nodded, rubbing a washcloth over my cock. “Obviously to me," she said, “all that saving up just made it so much better." She dangled the cage over my cock and added, “Hurry up and put this on. I want to go to sleep." I started to complain but she stopped me, “Do I have to remind you that this is your birthday present?"

"Um, yeah," I answered, “but I was thinking it was just going to be for a few days, or a week tops."

"Oh, stop complaining," she told me, “it’s only been a few days, like what, nine or ten days? So a few extra days should be a good thing for you, right? Besides, it’s been pretty good for me."

"Sure, that’s because you’ve been getting some sex every other day."

She just smiled. “Uh huh, just how it should be. Besides, it was your idea, wasn’t it?"

I had to admit that I had begged for it. So she snuggled up in my arms and soon we fell asleep, tired but well sated.

... to be continued...