Friday, January 26

Friday... Naked Lunch

"Try this. I think it's a little bland, but we can work with it."

"Mmm. Yes, it would be nice to spice it up a bit."

"You want it spicier? Really?"

"Yes, you know I like it spicy!"

"Didn't you tell me last week that things were too spicy lately, and you needed to have it more 'comforting', I think you called it?"

"Well, that was last week. I'm hungry for something spicier now."

"How spicy do you want it?"

"A little spicier than this."

"A little?"


"Tell me. How spicy?"

"More. "

"Tell me, dammit! How spicy?"

"More! I want more. More than this."

"Okay, how's this?"



"Nuh uh. More."

"Okay, have some of this! How's that, huh?"

"Oooh. Yeah, more like that."

"You want more? Huh? You want more of this?"

"Yes, yes, yes... more, give me more."

"Okay, you asked for it. See this? Huh, see how big it is?"

"Oooh, it's big, isn't it?"

"I'm going to put it in."

"No! Not all of it?"

"You want spicy, I'm gonna give you spicy."

"Ooohhhh, I'll never be able to take all that."

"Oh yes you will. You're gonna take it, and you're gonna like it, you hear me?"

"Oh, oh...Oh!"

"Liking, it, aren't you?"

"Y... yes."

"Here, take some more."

"No, I don't think I ca... oooh, yes, that's good."

"Yeah, like that. Now I'm gonna give you all of it."


"Yeah, all. Here it goes... there, how's that?"

"Mmmmm... oh yes, yes, yes... that's fantastic."

"There, satisfied now?"

"Oh yes! That's what I like! Thank you for making it so spicy for me."

"It's my pleasure. Just remind me to pick up another bottle of chipotle sauce at the grocery next week."

Tuesday, January 23

I've Been Sugasmed!

Yes, my WordPress blog was entered in the latest Sugasm sex blogger roundup.

Sugasm #63

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #63? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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Spank Me panties courtesy of Journey to the Darkside.

Thursday, January 18

Is it Friday yet?

"Are you sure you want your present tonight?"

"Of course I do," I answered impatiently, "I've been waiting two months for this."

"I thought so," she nodded, "And I did promise you a nice fucking for your birthday, didn't I? Would you mind if I tied you up first?"

"Would I? You mean you have to ask?"

The nylon webbing was already attached to the headboard. In a minute we had the thick leather cuffs snugly around my wrists and she was snapping the clips to the steel ring. She propped my neck and head up on a few pillows, and stroked my chest and stomach lightly with her fingernails. "You've been looking forward to your present, ever since I promised you the fucking of your life for your birthday, haven't you?"

I nodded, enjoying her touch. I closed my eyes, savoring the light, sharp rake of her nails down my stomach, down to my thighs.

She bent down to nuzzle my neck, her gentle bites causing me to moan a little bit. Her lips traveled down my chest, moving from one nipple to the other. Again, her gentle nipping sent electric shocks throughout the rest of my body, making me alternate between moaning and gasping. After a few minutes, she continued downward, planting soft kisses and tiny nibbles on my stomach, then lower still, teasing and promising delights yet to come. Her mouth moved down to my thighs, and her tongue traced the line where my thighs joined my body. My hips, seemingly of their own accord, raised to meet her touch.

The next thing I knew, it was twenty minutes later and I was whispering "Oh please, please..." over and over again.

"It looks like you're pretty aroused," she whispered into my ear. She gave my earlobe a little nibble, and said "I'll be right back. I need to change into something more ... appropriate for your birthday fucking." She emphasized the word with a tweak of my nipple.

I was panting with desire. "No, no, come back," I pleaded, but the only response was her evil laughter and the sound of the bathroom door closing.

I took a few deep breaths to get myself centered. It seemed as if something was "off." I was naked and restrained, and very, very vulnerable. Suddenly, I realized that I was not completely naked. There was one article of, well, not exactly clothing, but something that I thought should be removed. In fact, considering her promise two months ago, it seemed essential. Yes, over two months ago, she promised to give me a "birthday fucking," one like I'd never had before in my life. But there was a catch, a catch that was suddenly very apparent.

"Um, honey?" I called out to the bathroom door. "I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, but I think you forgot something."

She opened the door to reply. "What's the matter? Do you need a drink of water?"

"No, but I need something else if I'm going to do any fucking tonight."

"What's that?" she called around the edge of the door.

"The key. Where's the key?"

Through the open door I heard her fumbling around with clothes and zippers and snaps. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Usually you're wearing the key around your neck. I didn't notice it tonight."

"I haven't worn it in a few weeks, Mr. Observant."

Oh oh. Nothing like not noticing when they change something. At least it wasn't a new hairdo, I thought.

"Besides, I thought you got over all those problems getting it adjusted and comfortable to wear," she continued, "so what's the problem now?"

"Um, no problem with the comfort," I called back, "it's just that I was looking forward to some good sex."

"Yeah, me too," she replied, "So?"

"Well, how am I going to have sex with you if you don't take the damn chastity device off of me?" I asked, a touch impatiently.

A few more clothing noises from the bathroom. "Who said anything about removing your device?" she called back.

Now I was confused. "You did! You said I'd get to fuck you for my birthday!"

"No I didn't," she replied teasingly, "What I said was that you were going to get a good fucking for your birthday... one like you'd never had before in your life. I certainly don't remember saying anything about letting you out of the device, though, do you?" The bathroom light snapped off.

"But how..." I began, and then stopped.

She walked out of the bathroom, dressed in a leather body harness. She climbed up onto the bed and positioned herself between my legs. I lowered my gaze to her hips and caught my breath.

The strap-on gleamed in the flickering candlelight.

She grinned down evilly at me. "Are you ready for your birthday fucking?"

Thursday, January 11

The Edge of Famous

I mostly use the WordPress account because, well, I like it better than my mirror on Blogger. Cooler features, easier to manage, pretty colors. I wish I could modify the template more, but one thing at a time.

Anyway, last week I was home sick with a wicked flu, so I didn't bother looking at the other account. I checked it the other day, though, and almost fell out of my chair. My hit count went crazy! Normally the WordPress blog gets between 200 and 300 hits per day, and the Blogger gets maybe half of that. But for several days running the Blogger account was double the WordPress one. What?

Turns out I was getting most of the hits from Fleshbot - an adult blogger site. Apparently The Edge of Vanilla was one of several featured blogs. More specifically, one of my Friday Fantasies was mentioned in the Jan 5th picks.

Sex Blog Roundup: Laws Of Desire

Devotion sometimes overwhelms simple desire, making lovers do things that would make no sense to anyone outside its spell. It makes a wife cherish a husband's t-shirt or a submissive crave a dominant's admonishments. Today's roundup of the some of our favorite recent writing from the sex blog scene runs the gamut of devotion from the sweet to the extreme, from a simple boudoir kiss to all manner of soul-shattering orgasms ... including those forced or denied.

I should mention that my friend Crash was also on that list, as were several other blogs that I hadn't yet discovered. Some good reads on all of them, I might add.

Gosh, I certainly hope that this brush with fame doesn't go to my head.

Wednesday, January 10

Toy Shopping in Oz?

My new friend Kimba, now having gotten over her embarrassment at being linked to a "fetish" site, has decided to do some shopping for adult toys. As she put it:

Since visiting here Tom I am now looking to buy my first vibrator.. but SHIT.. I can’t even buy condoms.. I seriously can’t.. don’t suppose you can do some personal shopping for me?

If this were the US, I could point her toward some of my favorite online shops. Unfortunately, I don't know what's available in the land down under. I know that I have some Australian readers, perhaps some of you can leave notes or links about your favorite shops - either online or brick & mortar - in the Comments section for Kimba?

Friday, January 5

It's Friday again...

"I finished the last coat," I told her, carefully screwing the top on so as not to spill any of the bright red polish on the floor.

She looked up from her magazine and wriggled her toes. The foam cushions kept her from messing up the end of almost an hour's worth of work on her feet. Washing, pumicing, scrubbing, buffing, a coat of clear, and two coats of fire-engine red. Yes, cars and women, I thought to myself, they get almost the same kind of maintenance.

"Very nice. How long for this to dry?"

"I'd say about ten minutes. Maybe fifteen to make sure."

"I love it when you put the last coat on. Do you know why?" She shifted her legs over my shoulders, one on each side of my head.

"I think you like that 'waiting until they're dried' part," I replied.

"I think you're right," she responded. "I'm really beginning to see the benefits of this Mistress/slave thing you've been asking me about. For one thing, it's saved me a fortune on nail salon fees."

"Is that all?"

In answer, she scooched down in the chair and curled her legs. I moved my head forward so she could direct me with her hands.

A minute later, there was only the scent of her musk, the tension of her thighs around my neck, the sweet sound of her moans... and the occasional clinking of my shackles on the floor.