Wednesday, June 13

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 3

Week 5
I almost forget that I am wearing it – sometimes.

I swear that she started going out of her way to touch me, tease me in a vary casual ways; although she didn’t ask me to “take care of her" as often. The first week we had sex almost every day. The second week it was more like every other day, but the warm weather allowed her to sleep in just a light nightgown, and the feel of her skin so close to me was a nightly reminder of what I couldn’t have. I was every bit as excited, and my cock still woke me up in the morning.

Finally, after more than a week since the last time, she surprised me by simply handing me the key as I was getting into my nightly shower. You’d think I would have rushed through the shower, but instead I took my time, trying to stop the trembling. When I slid into bed, she was completely nude. She didn’t want me to waste any time, though. Quickly she pushed me onto my back and engulfed my already stiff cock with her warm mouth. The shock nearly made me jump off the bed. Less than a minute later I was begging her to stop because I was so close to coming. Sensing an opportunity, she rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her. We kissed, our bodies touching, but I was careful to keep my hips from rubbing her too much so as not to get over stimulated. When I thought I had settled down, I pushed my cock head toward her pussy. It was already wet, and I slid in easily. She bit her lip and pulled me closer. My cock was swollen from over two straight weeks in the cage, and she seemed so tight that I knew I would not last long. I tried to fuck her slowly, pacing myself, but my overly swollen cock made her come several times in a row. Each time she came I had to force myself to hold back.

Then she wanted to ride me. Normally I love that position, but I was afraid that I would come too quickly. I wanted to make it good for her, but since I had to wait so long, I wanted as much time as possible to enjoy it myself. She wouldn’t wait, though, so I lay back and she quickly slid onto my shaft. I could tell that she was really enjoying the feeling of my cock swollen more than normal, and she came quickly. I watched her close her eyes and bite her lower lip as I held her hips to mine, forcing my cock in a little deeper; her muscles gripped me lightly, and she sighed in relief. Watching her on top of me was so exciting that moments after she came, I realized that I could not hold back the incredible pressure building up in my loins. I bucked my hips higher as I passed the point of no return, at once frustrated at my own loss of control and yet grateful for the release. I barely stifled a loud moan, turning it into a low, throaty growl just before I collapsed back onto the bed.

She was a bit upset about that, almost disappointed. “You’re supposed to wait until I tell you," she hissed at me “I wasn’t done yet."

I apologized, “But it just felt so good, and I was so horny, waiting all that time…"

She just grunted and rolled over, muttering, “You couldn’t do that one little thing for me. Well, see if I’m nice to you anytime soon."

She couldn’t have been too frustrated, because she was sleeping in a few minutes. My own desire somewhat abated, I spooned up against her back and held her closely.

I woke up early with a rock-hard erection. It was the first time in weeks that I had been able to have full-blown morning erection, and I was anxious not to waste the opportunity. I realized that she had forgotten to cage me before we went to sleep, so I fondled her, enjoying her warmth as much as I enjoyed the feeling of an unfettered hardness. Soon I had her legs parted, and I was again entering her, more gently now. She was just barely awake, but certainly awake enough to enjoy a nice slow fucking. Soon her hands tightened around my waist, pulling me closer. I listened to her soft moans, her eyes closed in sleepy pleasure. She came softly and I continued to pump into her. Quickly she came again, and I gave her a moment to catch her breath.

I saw that she was more awake, so I asked her if she wanted to roll onto her side. She just nodded and threw her legs over to allow me to enter her. This is one of her favorite positions, and I wasted no time in giving her something she really enjoyed. Pushing hard against her hips, I could hear her groaning, no, grunting with pleasure. I wasn't as wild as last night, just firm, constant thrusting, pressing up hard against her hips. She gripped my hand, eyes closed as she came several more times. At last she drew a deep breath and I slowly pulled out.

She now pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips. This is my favorite position, but since I had already come last night, I knew I'd be able to hold out for a while. She again closed her eyes as she rode my cock. She must have been fully awake by this point, because she barely noticed me; she just put her hands on my shoulders and thrust her hips toward mine. Again and again she pushed and rocked, scratching my chest with her nails. She pushed down on me, as I raised my hips to deepen my thrusting. She came hard, and moments later I felt my own cock pulsing and spurting inside her. She collapsed on my chest, and I hugged her for a moment, kissing her neck. Slowly she sat up. My cock was slowly softening, and I pulsed it inside her.

She reached behind her and grabbed hold of my swollen balls. "You're very naughty," she said, suppressing a smile, “I didn’t give you permission for that."

"What, for giving you some nice hard cock?" I asked, “Besides, you sure enjoyed it." I nuzzled her shoulders.

"No, that was nice," she replied, “I meant I didn’t give you permission to come. Good thing I’m about to take a shower, so your punishment won’t be too bad – this time."

"Punishment? But I thought it was good for you?"

"It should have been good, especially after last night. Next time though, you better not come until I give you permission – or else."

She gave a threatening squeeze, and dismounted to take a shower. Noticing the cage on the bedside, she handed it to me. "Looks like I forgot about something last night," she smiled, “I’ll have to remember about that in the future."

She watched me squeeze my cock into the metal cage and close the stainless steel ring around my balls. I installed the lock, but she clicked it shut herself, something that she rarely does. “Just wanted to make sure," she said, giving me a little kiss as she tugged the lock. Then she was off to the shower, and I got dressed and went off to work.

to be continued...