Wednesday, December 5

Back in the saddle again

Well, not exactly in the saddle. We're not into pony play.


I'm back into something else, though. Wanna see?

A little bit ago I wrote that the whole frenum piercing thing just didn't work out well with regard to using it with the CB3000. The barbell often pinched my skin in the cage, especially when I got aroused, and the lack of room made it difficult to keep clean, resulting in several infections during the year. I could never wear it for more than a couple of days at a time, which didn't sit well with the increasingly kinky Mrs. Edge, who over the last couple of years developed a fetish for longer (much longer) periods of orgasm denial.

For me, that is.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I removed the piercing and let the hole close up. That it did so with something approaching the speed of a nano-black hole was also annoying. However, there doesn't seem to be any permanent scarring, and all's well that ends well, right?

Knowing that Mrs. Edge was going on a short business trip this week, it was motivation for me to dig out theCB3K and fix some minor things so she could have something to think about while being away. These devices have ventilation holes at the top and bottom; unfortunately, the top holes allowed my skin to swell out rather painfully, so I had filled them in with epoxy. The epoxy yellowed and became loose, so I replace it with tiny bars of acrylic that I shaped and super-glued over the holes. It keeps the skin from swelling through, but allows some air flow and water for cleaning.

Yeah, it's gear-head talk, but chastity is not an exact science.

I put it on on Friday morning, and ended up wearing it all through the weekend. Family, work, and other obligations kept us from enjoying any intimate time, although we did manage about 10 minutes to look at the new CB6000 model online. It looked that she was going to head off to the mid-west without our getting an opportunity for sex, but Monday night we both managed to get to bed at about the same time. While she was in the bathroom, I donned my strap-on harness and warmed up her favorite dildo (which she calls my "other cock"), and lay in bed waiting.

She crawled in, and after a few minutes started moving her hands around. She felt my other cock and said "But what if I didn't want this one? What if I wanted your real one?"

"That's fine with me," I told her, "in fact, even better, since I haven't come since last week. I was just warming the other one up so you could have the option."

We began to make out a bit, and then a bit more, which was nice because for the last few months it seems like we've only had time for quickies. A short while later I was lying on top of her, my other cock pressing against her mound and my cage pressing against her ass cheeks. She indicated that she would like some lube, and I reached into the bedside drawer for the heavier stuff that I use for my other cock. My other cock is very lifelike, but the thinner lubes sometimes aren't enough lubricity to last and will sometimes leave her a little bit chafed.

We settled into her favorite position: missionary, with my hips pressed tightly against hers, angled slightly upwards to allow the curve of my other cock to massage her sensitive spot inside. I have learned to enjoy this position myself, because when I'm not focused on the six inches of sensitive meat, the rest of my body needs some extra sensation. I continued to kiss her while maintaining long, slow stokes, and it wasn't long before I felt her legs tighten around mine and felt her arch her back slightly. Obviously the idea of me back in the cage warmed her up pretty quickly.

She smiled mischievously. "That damn piercing," she complained, "wasted a whole fucking year on that."

I felt badly about this, and told her so. I mean, it was my idea, after all.

She indicated that I should shut up and to keep fucking her.

A few minutes later, she came again, a little harder than previously. She opened her eyes and told me "You know, I should really make you pay for that mistake. Do you realize I'd almost forgotten about this?" I smiled.

"Pay?" I asked, "Like, deny me for a while?"

"Yes," she replied as I continued my slow thrusting, "like, a long while." Her breathing grew deeper and faster.

"It was over a year that I tried to make it work," I reminded her, "maybe you need to make up for lost time with me. Would you make me pay for a whole year?"

She closed her eyes tightly and nodded. A few short moment later her long nails were digging sharply into my ass and she was pressing her hips up to meet mine. A short moan, and suddenly the look of intense concentration on her face turned into a relaxed grin. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

A quick, mini-fantasy had just played itself out in her head. I wouldn't mind, but I'm convinced that she has stronger orgasms when she thinks about keeping me locked in for longer periods. I checked this morning, my ass still has scratch marks. "I really was going to unlock you, but now I think I'm going to make you wait until I get back."

"But... but..."

"It's really because you do such a good job with your other cock, you know." She tweaked my nipple and laid back. "It's late, and I think I'm done for the night."

I asked her if she wouldn't mind sitting astride me for a couple of minutes. I love this position because I enjoy seeing her body - even more now that all the exercising has given her a nicer shape. She complained a little, but pushed me over and slowly lowered herself onto me. My cage was pressing against her ass, and I could feel her warmth through the plastic.

We talked for a few moments, she asked me "If I took off the cage and told you that you had only two minutes to come, could you do it?" I nodded. "Two whole minutes? Sure thing."

"Well, how about one minute?"

"Umm, yeah, I think so," I replied, not liking where this was headed.

"What if I took it off and said 'You've got twenty seconds to come, and then the cage is going back on'?"

"Oh, that's totally unfair," I protested, still aware of her weight on my hips, "I train myself so hard to not come quickly, and then you try to sabotage that by telling me it's the only way I'd get to come?"

She laughed softly, and rocked her hips back and forth.

"You know," I confessed, "I sometimes do have fantasies about you teasing me for a long time, stroking me, keeping me right on the edge..." "Yeah?" she asked, her eyes closed, concentrating.

"And then, right at the very end, just when I'm about to come really hard..."

She closed her eyes and leaned forward slightly as I moved my hands from her breasts to her shoulders, and down to her waist.

"... you suddenly stop touching me as I come, just letting it spill out, ruining it."

She tensed briefly, frowning in concentration, and I pulled her hips down to meet my own. She let out a breath, sighing, and her body relaxed. She leaned forward to lay against my chest. No question that she was now really done for the night.

"You don't mind waiting until I get back, do you?" she asked, sleepily.

"No, I'm good. I thought I'd be begging to come, but I'm actually feeling pretty satisfied right now," I assured her. "Thank you for getting on top for that last bit, I really enjoy looking at you." And truthfully, being able to spend some time close both physically and emotionally really did make me satisfied.

She whispered a goodnight and turned on her side. I got up to remove and clean my cock, and to apply some lube to help me sleep through the night. A few minutes later I was back under the warm covers, spooning against her back.

In the morning, just before she left she noticed me rummaging through the kitchen junk drawer, looking for some masking tape.

"What do you need that for?" she asked. In response, I handed her a pen. She watched as I removed the emergency key to the lock from my keyring and wrapped the tape around it. I gave it to her, and she signed the tape, knowing that if I tried to remove it in order to unlock myself I'd rip the tape and destroy the seal. She dated one side and, displaying some good humor, drew a couple of little hearts on the other side. She took her own key and put it in her purse.

You can see my jumble of keys with the picture of the taped key. Clicking the above picture will bring you to an album with pictures of me wearing it. NOT SAFE FOR WORK or in the same room with younger family members.The camera adds ten pounds, of course, but anyone who's seen my pics from last year can see that I've toned up quite a bit since then.

And even though she said something about "waiting until next week," I have no idea if she really means it. At this point, I don't know when she'll next let me out.

Monday, December 3

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 7

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Week 18: My week long birthday fantasy seemed to have turned into a permanent arrangement.

One night she happened to notice me rubbing some cream on the exposed area of my cock, and dabbing a little under the ring. I had long stopped trying to get myself off this way, since in the past it has only led to frustration, a sore cock, and lots of wasted cream; but I found that a little lubrication at night helped ease some of my discomfort. When she offered to help me, I was eager to have her lend a hand, so I lay back on the bed while she massaged the cream around the cage. Her touch being much better than my own, I was soon moaning in pleasure, fervently hoping that she wouldn’t stop.

My wife poured then poured cream on my balls, and massaged them with one hand while she rubbed my caged cock with the other. I tried not to let her see how excited I was so that she wouldn’t stop. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep from thrusting my hips up to meet her strokes. Eyes twinkling, she squeezed my balls more firmly, knowing full well what effect that would have on me.

"Please, please let me come," I begged, "I'm so close… mmm. "

"I don’t know," she replied slowly, "you don’t seem to enjoy it when I let you come with this thing on."

"Oh, we can take it off, can’t we?" I was becoming frantic.

"No, I don’t think that’s a good idea," she said, but kept rubbing and squeezing. "I don’t think that you should get to come so easily. Besides, I’m sure you won’t even enjoy it."

My mouth was almost too dry to speak. "Yes, yes, I’ll enjoy it, I promise. Please, don’t stop, it feels so nice, oh please oh please …oh oh oh… uunhh..."

The next thing I knew, I had a few short spasms and the come just dribbled out of me. As usual, it wasn’t enough to abate my desire. My wife seemed fascinated by watching my cock leak all that fluid, and kept prodding it. Finally it stopped coming out, leaving a small pool of come on my stomach.

"Not very much," she commented, "you used to shoot so much of it, remember?"

I nodded, remembering how she often gave me hand jobs and I would end up with come as far up as my pillow, or sometimes even the wall. Apparently she remembered that, too.

"No, not very much anymore, I’m afraid," she said, shaking her head, "Poor honey, just can’t shoot if you can’t get it hard, can you?" She bent down to give me a kiss. "Oh, by the way," she added, "I don’t remember giving you permission to come, so I hope you realize what this means."

Damn it, I thought to myself, probably an extra week until she lets me out again. Ignoring the pained expression on my face, she just draped a towel over me and left the room.

Week 21: My frustration started to give way to resigned acceptance.

At some point I began to realize that I was going longer and longer between unlockings. While our frequency remained pretty much the same for lovemaking, it seemed like she found one excuse after another to avoid letting me out, so that lovemaking sessions invariably became exercises in frustration for me. Yet I still woke up each morning spooning her, my caged cock pressing against her round ass. Or I'd rub up against her in the kitchen, or pop into the shower with her to feel her naked body against mine. I began to take pleasure in having her rub other areas of my body - my ass, my thighs, my chest. I didn't stop looking forward to my now-infrequent orgasms, but I learned how to become almost satisfied with our long make-out sessions.

My wife, I'm sure, noticed this because she taunted me a little less frequently about not coming, even though we seemed to indulge more frequently in mutual kissing and fondling. She even once remarked that I didn't ask as often to be released from the cage. I had a few moments of confusion over this; was I really becoming more satisfied without coming? Having fewer orgasms didn't sound like such a good thing to me, but at the same time I no longer watched the calendar like I used to. Was there something wrong with me?

Week 26: An unusual turn of events.

For a while I wondered if my not paying attention to the calendar meant that I was losing my sex drive; over the last few months I'd gone from being allowed an orgasm each week, then every other week, and now it was about once a month; even less frequently when she decided that those involuntary emissions counted. Yet each time we crawled into bed together, I certainly felt randy and aroused, even when I knew I wouldn't be unlocked.

One afternoon there was a package in the mail. My wife just smiled when she saw it, but wouldn't tell me what was inside. That night, she told me that she was going to unlock me, but that I had to promise not to come until she allowed it. I readily agreed to be tied to the bed - hell, I would have agreed to be tied to a porcupine if it meant a good orgasm for me - and she carefully fastened my wrists and ankles to the straps at the corners of the bed. She unlocked the cage and carefully worked it off of my cock, stiff with anticipation. She made me squirm as she cleaned it with a warm washcloth, and then went into the bathroom for a few moments. When she returned, she had removed her clothes, and was holding a large towel. She placed the towel over my face and told me to remain quiet. I heard some unfamiliar noises, then what sounded like rummaging in a shopping bag, and the tearing of paper. A soft "pop" and then I gasped as she worked warm lotion over the head of my cock, letting it dribble down the shaft.

Whatever she was rubbing on me had a warm, tingly feeling, almost like menthol but without any scent that I could detect. Soon my cock was sso completely engorged with blood that it was almost painful.

"Doesn't that feel nice?" she asked me.

I nodded, then realizing that she might not be able to see my face under the towel, I moaned a "yes" to encourage her to keep rubbing. Soon I realized that my hips were rising up to meet her firm strokes, and I felt myself making little noises in the back of my throat.

"Such a nice shape," she mused, "I think that you're about as hard as I've ever seen you."

I moaned again in agreement... and then in frustration as she took her hand away. She said nothing, but I heard some fumbling with containers, and a few seconds later I felt a sensation around my cock, almost like warm dough. She pushed and squeezed, shaping something around my cock, all the while whispering encouraging words and fondling my balls.

"Try to keep still for a few minutes, okay?" she asked. For emphasis she wrapped her fingers around my balls and gave a firm squeeze. I felt her fingernails trace a path around my stomach and chest, taking care to pinch and tweak my nipples. I bit down on my lip to keep from twisting and moving. After two or three minutes, she released her hold on my balls and I felt her get up from the bed.

"Umm...," I questioned, but I felt her finger on my lips.

"I'll be right back," she promised, and I heard her footsteps across the room. A few minutes and some bathroom noises later, and suddenly I felt a cold wet rag across my stomach.

Hey!" I yelled, "That's friggin' cold! Whatthehellareyoudoing?!"

I heard her giggle and she removed the cold cloth, only to wrap it around my swollen balls. I started to bounce up and down, but she pressed her hand to my stomach to keep me from jumping. Moments later, my blood-engorged cock was shriveling up, trying to crawl back into the warmth of my body. The weight of whatever she had on my groin was lifted and apparently she took it into the other room, leaving me to writhe and twist in agonizing frustration.


About five minutes later she came back and began to clean me up with a warm cloth. By that time I had lost all traces of my erection, and I felt her squeezing my cock back into the metal chastity cage. I started to twist and bounce, but she crawled up onto the bed and sat on my stomach to keep me still. A minute later I heard the lock click shut. I grumbled a bit, but she managed to quiet me down when she turned around and positioned herself over my face. She pulled off the towel and guided my head between her legs; she was extremely wet, and she came very quickly several times in a row.

"I don't know why you're complaining," she said as she unfastened the bonds," I mean, you did agree not to come until I'd given you permission, right?"

I nodded, seething slightly.

"So, what's the problem? I didn't give permission and you didn't come."

"But what was that stuff you put on me?" I asked.

She shook her head. "It's a surprise. You'll find out soon enough," she replied. "Our anniversary is coming up next month; maybe that would be a good time to let you in on it."

Next month? It had already been a month since I'd last had an orgasm - would it be another month before I'd be allowed my next one?

to be continued…

Monday, September 3

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 6

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Week 14: I became somewhat resigned to our arrangement.

The rest of the week passed by without comment. She got her nightly back rub, and I was still horny most of the time, and it was well into our third month since my "birthday present", or "our arrangement" as she sometimes called it. Since her day off came at different times in the week, I might go anywhere from five to nine days. Over a month ago she had stopped unlocking me for night sessions, saying that she preferred to have me inside her when she was awake and rested. Her next day off finally arrived, and I was looking forward to some good, long fucking. I was so excited that I figured I’d be able to come twice. She handed me the key and I hopped into the shower. She kissed me and told me not to take too long, as she was going to have a little surprise for me. The soap lather helped to ease the cage off, and I quickly finished shaving, dried off, and stepped back into the bedroom.

My wife was laying there in a black outfit, holding a pair of leather handcuffs. "Come on down," she teased, "I have a little surprise for you."

Although she has talked about handcuffing me during lovemaking, she hasn’t actually done it since we were dating. I lied down on the bed, and she climbed on top of me, kissing me deeply. "You’ve been such a good boy that I thought that I’d give you a little treat." She had me roll over and fastened the cuffs securely behind my back. Rolling me onto my back again, she took my cock into her mouth. "Mmm… big, isn’t it?"

I couldn’t answer, I was too busy enjoying myself. For over three months I had pleasured her in every way imaginable, and my reward was to be kept locked up. Now it looked as if I was going to get some attention for a change. She swung her legs around and settled onto me in a sixty-nine position. I hungrily lapped at her sweet, salty juices, relishing the feel of her soft thighs around my head. She ground her hips down onto my face, almost smothering me, as she came.

"No, don’t stop," she whispered, and pausing only to take a breath I went back to softly flicking my tongue over her swollen lips. This was one of those nine day periods, and she had rubbed it in by having me give her extended massages almost every night, and a few nights she made me follow up by licking her to a nice, slow orgasm. Not surprisingly, I was ready to come almost immediately. Her own tongue was licking the head of my cock, and I fought hard to keep myself under control. I concentrated on making her come before I could, since without the use of my hands, I was unable to push her away.

She was making herself excited by sucking hard on my cock, drawing all the blood to the already swollen head. My cock soon felt as hard as a steel rod. Thankfully, she paused to let out a moan. Her head dropped to rest on my leg, but her hand tightened around my sore balls as she came loudly. I stopped licking directly on her lips, and kissed and caressed her upper thighs with my own lips and tongue. She lay there for a few moments before getting up.

"Very nice," she complimented me, “we never do it that way anymore."

She swung her leg over my hips and teased my cock with her pussy. I was already gasping from holding back my own climax, and didn’t know if I wanted to push it in or wait. Sensing my distress she smiled “Poor honey. You want to come so bad, don’t you?"

Eyes closed in concentration, I could only nod.

"You’re trying so hard to hold back, maybe I shouldn’t let you come at all. Is that what you want?"

My eyes snapped open. "No! No, I want to come, really," I managed to croak out, “ I just want it to last a little longer. It’s been so long, and I want it to feel good."

"Hmm, so it doesn’t feel good other times?" she asked in mock hurt.

"No! Yes! Um, it always feels good… Oooooohhhhhhh…" I moaned as she slowly lowered herself onto my hot shaft.

"Isn’t this good?" she asked again, rocking on my hips. She reached back to squeeze my balls. "Mmm, got something in here for me?"

I could only moan. “Please, please, no, yes, oh please…" I lost all sense as a huge, unstoppable climax began to build. I could feel the pressure in my balls, in my cock, and deep inside my groin. I opened my eyes briefly to look longingly at her, and heard myself moaning. Suddenly what seemed like a gallon of hot come pulsed deep into her pussy as my hips pushed up off of the bed. Finally I collapsed, my cock now spent inside her, the pressure in my balls released. I opened my eyes again. "That was incredible," I told her, "I think my throat is dry from moaning so much."

Still smiling down at me, she said, "I didn’t give you permission to come. You’re so selfish, you couldn’t at least wait until I was satisfied? After all, I had to wait more than a week for this, you know." Using her fingers to hold her swollen pussy lips together, she slowly raised herself off my now-soft cock, and moved up to position herself over my mouth. "I think that you need to eat me until I’ve had enough," she said, holding her dripping pussy over my mouth, "besides, weren’t you just saying that you had a dry throat? I’ll bet that there’s a real lot of juice for you in here."

I don’t remember when it started, but for some weeks now, she had decided that any time that I came in her, that I was to suck out the juices and to clean her with my tongue. She claimed that I was much better than using a towel, and the best part was that she didn’t have to get out of bed. Admittedly, I did get some small pleasure from making her come that way. Unfortunately, she sometimes didn’t care about coming, and merely used me, which made me feel a little humiliated. It was useless to resist with my hands still handcuffed, so I reluctantly opened my mouth and licked her. I almost gagged on the amount of hot, salty come that dripped from her pussy, but didn’t dare stop sucking on her until she had came, shuddering.

"Okay, now it’s my turn to lie down," she said. She pushed me off the bed, told me to kneel at the edge. She then lay back on some pillows and placed her legs over my shoulders, pulling my head into her still-dripping mound. "Mmm, too bad your hands are still tied, or else you could be fucking me, too." I just mumbled in agreement and slowly pleasured her with my mouth and tongue. In no time she came again, and I rested my head on her thigh.

"If you undo these cuffs, I could rub you, or use the dildo on you, or even give you a little massage," I suggested.

This sounded like a good idea to her, and a few minutes later she was stretched out on the bed and I was kissing her deeply, my hand slowly pumping the familiar red dong. I climbed on top of her to give her some body contact, and found myself getting hard again listening to her moans of pleasure. I teased her with the dildo, keeping her right on the edge of coming, and when I could feel myself harden all the way, I slipped between her legs to give her some of the real thing. She responded by arching her hips to meet mine. I angled myself to push at her pubic bone and she grabbed my hips. She was going to have a nice one, I thought, so I pumped her deeply, making sure that she felt the full length of my shaft inside her. Her hips stiffened and I felt her bite my shoulder hard. I continued my pace, and she came twice more before finally settling down to the bed. I kissed her lightly until she caught her breath.

I motioned her to roll over on her stomach, and entered her from behind.

"Ooh, you never do me this way anymore," she murmured.

"When do I have the chance?" I asked her, pushing my hips deeply. Her pussy was still hot, and soon I felt another orgasm building. I pulled her back onto her side, and entered her roughly. She closed her eyes and gripped my hand tightly. I let her come once, and then I increased my own tempo. The feel of my balls dragging on her warm thighs, and her soft ass pressing into my groin was enough to again send me over the edge. Although not as intense as the first one, I came hard, letting out a short yell. I collapsed on top of her, my legs still shaking.

I kissed her back and neck. "Mmm, just like the old days, eh?" I said.

In response she reached for the cock cage on the nightstand and handed it to me. "No, it’s better than the old days," she replied, “wouldn’t you agree?"

I started to protest, saying that she had just gotten some wonderful sex, and that I was happy to have gotten to come twice. She replied that making me wait was what made it seem more wonderful, and besides, I should consider myself lucky that she let me come a second time. "After all, you barely lasted two minutes for the first one. You must have forgotten that you’re supposed to be pleasing me, not the other way around."

And once again she helped to squeeze my cock into the chastity cage, closed the stainless steel ring around my balls and clicked the lock shut.

"Oh, I almost forgot," she mentioned, "I just felt a few drips down my leg. Would you clean me up, please?"

to be continued...

Saturday, August 4

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Week 11: This was a decidedly bad turn of events.

During the rest of the week, she made sure that I did something for her every single night. I was sure it was her way of reminding me that she had to do without, although I kept reminding her that she seemed to get a lot more pleasure out of “doing without" than I did. She kept reminding me that this whole arrangement was my idea to begin with, and the least I could do was to accept my birthday present with a smile. In the meantime, she would have to force herself to have weekly pedicures, back rubs, massages, and a few sessions taking pleasure from my tongue.

Finally, her day off came. I was almost frantic from more than two weeks without coming. We both jumped into the shower, and I gladly washed her back by soaping my hairy chest and rubbing against her back. She was soon ready to get out, but I told her that I needed to stay in a bit longer. I was afraid of coming too fast, and I needed some time to settle down. It was only then that I realized that she had not given me the key before my shower.

The shower helped to ease the soreness in my groin, and I walked to the bedroom. To my surprise, I saw her already in bed, eyes closed and smiling broadly. A glance further down told me she was fucking herself with the dildo. I watched her hand moving it in and out; it was as if she wasn’t even aware that I was staring at her. I felt a twinge of jealousy at the rubber dong, but kept staring as she slowly brought herself to orgasm. She opened her eyes, not surprised to see me there. I climbed into bed and held her. Sensing what I was about to ask, she put her finger over my lips. I rolled on top of her, kissing her hungrily, my hands touching, groping everywhere. I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and felt her slippery and warm. As usual, she pushed my head down to her mound. Handing me the dildo, she leaned back again to have me lick her expertly while I pressed the dildo inside of her. She was very excited, and began to moan loudly. Her hands grabbed my hair and pulled hard, I had to pull back in order to catch my breath. Within moments she tightened her legs around me and squeezed. She came strongly, and almost immediately came again. I kept licking until I could feel her spasms subside. Almost a minute later she sank back into the mattress, seemingly spent.

"What the hell was that all about?" I asked her.

She just shook her head, “ Mmm, I don’t know, I was just feeling horny, I guess." She reached down to feel me. I jumped. “I’ll bet I know what you want," she murmured. “I hope that you’ve learned your lesson about being ready for me when I want you. I don’t want you to disappoint me like that again."

I shook my head, but before I could mention that I was still locked up she pulled me on top of her. “Come on," she said, “I’m really wet. Put it in me. I want to feel it."

Remembering the last time we had done this, I started to pull back. “No," I said, “I don’t want to come like that! I want a good one. Please, unlock me! Please?"

She just chuckled. “I just want to make sure that you learned your lesson. After all, it’s you’re your fault that I had to go without your nice cock last week. You didn’t think you’d get away without some punishment, did you?"

"But it’s not good this way," I complained.

"It’s good for me," she replied, and besides, it’s all you’re going to get this time. Now, do you want to come or don’t you?"

I did of course. I gently pushed myself into her, gasping as her warm pussy closed over the head of my cock that had swelled out of the cage. Now I really was frantic. I wanted to come so badly, since it had been over two weeks. But I wanted to make it last longer, since it would probably be another week before I’d get the chance. But no matter how long it lasted, I couldn’t have a real orgasm while still locked up. The cage kept me from the deep muscle spasms that make it so satisfying.

"What’s the matter," asked my wife, “I thought you would be happy to come after waiting so long." She paused, “but if you want, we could always wait until the next time…"

Groaning with frustration, I pushed as deeply into her as the cage allowed. I barely noticed her stiffening with her own orgasm as mine built so quickly. I moved back and forth a few times and felt a huge contraction start in the root of my cock. As I heard her come, my own spasms started and I suddenly felt my seed just trickling out. No wave of pleasure, no firm contraction from my groin, just a few small spurts and my come merely spilled out of me. I collapsed on top of her and literally sobbed in frustration.

"Didn’t last very long that time, did you?" she asked. She held me for a moment and said, “So, maybe I shouldn’t have let you come if you weren’t going to enjoy it. On the other hand, now you’ll remember how our arrangement works. Am I right?"

I nodded, too frustrated to argue. Feeling used, I allowed her to push my head down to her pussy so she could be satisfied.

"Remember," she reminded me again, “you should always be ready to give me some when I want it." Soon, she lay back in the bed, enjoying her orgasms, and ignoring me.

to be continued...

Sunday, July 15

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Week 7:
There soon developed a routine.

Over the next few weeks, life was pretty uneventful – for me, anyway. About two or three times a week my wife would get a nice massage or foot rub or back rub at bedtime, and would roll over to sleep, leaving me frustrated with desire. About once or twice during the week she would have me lick her or rub her, which left me even more frustrated. Sometimes she would awaken early and have me rub her, my fingers massaging her wet pussy, giving her a nice little orgasm. She would give a quick stroke to my cock, swollen and purple inside my cage. Then she’d go back to sleep for an hour while I got ready for work. Other times she would take a quick shower right before bed, my signal that I would be expected to lick her until she was ready to go to sleep. This could take five minutes, or an hour. Once she straddled my face, grinding her pussy onto my mouth so hard that I almost couldn’t breath. The whole time that I ate her, she squeezed my balls, already sore and swollen. She tried to tease the tip of my cock with her tongue, but the bars on the cage were too close together. These sessions always ended with her going to sleep, and me lying wide awake for another hour with an ache deep in my groin.

During the course of the week, I’d find myself hugging her, brushing up against her, fondling her, copping a quick feel – anything to arouse her enough to let me out. Ironically, I couldn’t get enough of feeling her, but the more I felt, the crazier it made me. My wife knew this, of course, and although the amount of sexual contact we had never increased, the amount of sexual tension certainly did. Wanting her was constantly on my mind. Sometimes she would take off her shirt in the night, and I would awake lying next to her smooth skin. It seemed like everything she did was meant to make me want her all the more.

Week 9:
It didn’t take long before the arrangement started to seem normal.

After the first few weeks, I noticed that despite how it seemed, we really didn’t have any more or less sex than usual. Well, I certainly didn’t have any more, but without the luxury of taking matters into my own hands, so to speak, the week-long period seemed ten times as long. She, on the other hand, never seemed to want me enough to unlock me more than once a week or so. Of course, at first, she had me making her come a few times a week, so she was just fine with the arrangement. As the weeks went on, though, my enforced chastity seemed to lose the novelty. Not enough for her to unlock me and end the game, but enough so that she sometimes didn’t even want me to make her come all week. I gently suggested that she remove my cage so that we could take a break for a few weeks, but she told me that she’d then have to worry about me touching myself all the time, and besides, she liked for me to always a little on edge for her.

I noticed that the whenever I was re-locked after coming, I would be very excited for the first day or two. Then I would slowly settle down and spend the next few days perversely enjoying the sexual tension. If confined more than a week, though, I became too horny to enjoy it, and could only think about my next release. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to matter to my wife. She put off my attentions by reminding me that the chastity cage was my idea in the first place, and that it wasn’t her fault if she ended up getting more benefit from it than I did. I tried to reason with her by suggesting that more frequent “time off" for me would be better for her, since I wouldn’t be so crazed with desire and would be able to last a lot longer for her. After a few weeks, though, she just shrugged and told me that she was able to “make do", and that I should stop pestering her.

One week I wasn’t able to stay home on her day off. We were both disappointed, but she didn’t make a big deal of it. I, on the other hand, was frantic. That night in bed, she kissed me, and pushed my head down to her pussy. “Lick me," she commanded, “I’ve been waiting all day for this." She crossed her legs over my shoulders and stretched back. I held her hips as I flicked my tongue lightly over her lips and clitoris. She lifted her hips a bit as she came, and I slowed my licking, so she could catch her breath.

"Mmm, are you ready to fuck me, now?" she asked breathily.

"Of course I am, I’ve been waiting all day for this, too, you know." I rolled over to allow her to unlock me. “Where’s the key?"

"Oh no, you had your chance this morning," she admonished, “You’ll just have to fuck me with the dildo and eat me at the same time. You know, the way I like it now."

"But… but…" I stammered, “It wasn’t my fault about work!"

She shrugged and reached for dong in the dresser drawer. Acting as if she hadn’t heard me, she simply handed it to me and pushed my head toward her mound. “You’re supposed to be ready whenever I want some," she explained, “that’s supposed to be one of the fringe benefits of our arrangement, isn’t it?"

I just moaned in frustration, and went back to licking her lightly.

"Don’t worry," she said, “I’ll give you some later."

"Oh? Later tonight?" I asked hopefully. By this time I was teasing her with the head of the dildo.

She stiffened, “Uh unh, not tonight," she replied in a distracted voice, “I meant later, on my next day off."

Only her legs around my shoulders kept me from jumping up. “What?! But that’s next week! That’s not fair!"

Seemingly taking no notice, she reached down to guide my head again to her mound. “I know, it’s not fair that I should have to wait to get your cock inside me, but I’ll have to make do." she stiffened under my tongue, and I resumed fucking her with the dildo. "Oooh, fuck me nice, like that…. Mmmmm," she moaned. She was obviously beyond understanding, so I ate her that way until she came a few more times. Pushing my head away, she settled back with a sigh. “Hurry, clean up and come hold me, I’m sleepy now." Completely oblivious to my aching, swollen cock, she soon fell asleep in my arms. I, however, spent the night silently moaning in frustration.

The next morning, I again complained that it had been a week for me, and that it was unfair to make me wait until the next day off, especially when she had gotten off the night before. She countered with saying that it was unfair to her, as well, since she still enjoyed my nice cock, but being tired at night, it didn’t seem worth it to go through the trouble of unlocking me, moving into all those different positions, cleaning up afterward, and then locking me up again. In fact, she continued, since it was my fault that she had to do without, it was only fair that I had to do without. Besides, her next day off would be here before I knew it.

to be continued...

Wednesday, June 13

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 3

Week 5
I almost forget that I am wearing it – sometimes.

I swear that she started going out of her way to touch me, tease me in a vary casual ways; although she didn’t ask me to “take care of her" as often. The first week we had sex almost every day. The second week it was more like every other day, but the warm weather allowed her to sleep in just a light nightgown, and the feel of her skin so close to me was a nightly reminder of what I couldn’t have. I was every bit as excited, and my cock still woke me up in the morning.

Finally, after more than a week since the last time, she surprised me by simply handing me the key as I was getting into my nightly shower. You’d think I would have rushed through the shower, but instead I took my time, trying to stop the trembling. When I slid into bed, she was completely nude. She didn’t want me to waste any time, though. Quickly she pushed me onto my back and engulfed my already stiff cock with her warm mouth. The shock nearly made me jump off the bed. Less than a minute later I was begging her to stop because I was so close to coming. Sensing an opportunity, she rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her. We kissed, our bodies touching, but I was careful to keep my hips from rubbing her too much so as not to get over stimulated. When I thought I had settled down, I pushed my cock head toward her pussy. It was already wet, and I slid in easily. She bit her lip and pulled me closer. My cock was swollen from over two straight weeks in the cage, and she seemed so tight that I knew I would not last long. I tried to fuck her slowly, pacing myself, but my overly swollen cock made her come several times in a row. Each time she came I had to force myself to hold back.

Then she wanted to ride me. Normally I love that position, but I was afraid that I would come too quickly. I wanted to make it good for her, but since I had to wait so long, I wanted as much time as possible to enjoy it myself. She wouldn’t wait, though, so I lay back and she quickly slid onto my shaft. I could tell that she was really enjoying the feeling of my cock swollen more than normal, and she came quickly. I watched her close her eyes and bite her lower lip as I held her hips to mine, forcing my cock in a little deeper; her muscles gripped me lightly, and she sighed in relief. Watching her on top of me was so exciting that moments after she came, I realized that I could not hold back the incredible pressure building up in my loins. I bucked my hips higher as I passed the point of no return, at once frustrated at my own loss of control and yet grateful for the release. I barely stifled a loud moan, turning it into a low, throaty growl just before I collapsed back onto the bed.

She was a bit upset about that, almost disappointed. “You’re supposed to wait until I tell you," she hissed at me “I wasn’t done yet."

I apologized, “But it just felt so good, and I was so horny, waiting all that time…"

She just grunted and rolled over, muttering, “You couldn’t do that one little thing for me. Well, see if I’m nice to you anytime soon."

She couldn’t have been too frustrated, because she was sleeping in a few minutes. My own desire somewhat abated, I spooned up against her back and held her closely.

I woke up early with a rock-hard erection. It was the first time in weeks that I had been able to have full-blown morning erection, and I was anxious not to waste the opportunity. I realized that she had forgotten to cage me before we went to sleep, so I fondled her, enjoying her warmth as much as I enjoyed the feeling of an unfettered hardness. Soon I had her legs parted, and I was again entering her, more gently now. She was just barely awake, but certainly awake enough to enjoy a nice slow fucking. Soon her hands tightened around my waist, pulling me closer. I listened to her soft moans, her eyes closed in sleepy pleasure. She came softly and I continued to pump into her. Quickly she came again, and I gave her a moment to catch her breath.

I saw that she was more awake, so I asked her if she wanted to roll onto her side. She just nodded and threw her legs over to allow me to enter her. This is one of her favorite positions, and I wasted no time in giving her something she really enjoyed. Pushing hard against her hips, I could hear her groaning, no, grunting with pleasure. I wasn't as wild as last night, just firm, constant thrusting, pressing up hard against her hips. She gripped my hand, eyes closed as she came several more times. At last she drew a deep breath and I slowly pulled out.

She now pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips. This is my favorite position, but since I had already come last night, I knew I'd be able to hold out for a while. She again closed her eyes as she rode my cock. She must have been fully awake by this point, because she barely noticed me; she just put her hands on my shoulders and thrust her hips toward mine. Again and again she pushed and rocked, scratching my chest with her nails. She pushed down on me, as I raised my hips to deepen my thrusting. She came hard, and moments later I felt my own cock pulsing and spurting inside her. She collapsed on my chest, and I hugged her for a moment, kissing her neck. Slowly she sat up. My cock was slowly softening, and I pulsed it inside her.

She reached behind her and grabbed hold of my swollen balls. "You're very naughty," she said, suppressing a smile, “I didn’t give you permission for that."

"What, for giving you some nice hard cock?" I asked, “Besides, you sure enjoyed it." I nuzzled her shoulders.

"No, that was nice," she replied, “I meant I didn’t give you permission to come. Good thing I’m about to take a shower, so your punishment won’t be too bad – this time."

"Punishment? But I thought it was good for you?"

"It should have been good, especially after last night. Next time though, you better not come until I give you permission – or else."

She gave a threatening squeeze, and dismounted to take a shower. Noticing the cage on the bedside, she handed it to me. "Looks like I forgot about something last night," she smiled, “I’ll have to remember about that in the future."

She watched me squeeze my cock into the metal cage and close the stainless steel ring around my balls. I installed the lock, but she clicked it shut herself, something that she rarely does. “Just wanted to make sure," she said, giving me a little kiss as she tugged the lock. Then she was off to the shower, and I got dressed and went off to work.

to be continued...

Tuesday, May 29

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 2

Week 3
So far, I think I can live with this.

The next time was about a week later. It was her day off, so I arranged to go in late. Instead of handing me the key, she had me warm her up by licking and rubbing her until she had come a few times. Naturally my cock was so swollen that it was pressing through the cage, making it impossible to be removed. I had to put a cold washcloth over it to make the swelling go down enough. She undid the lock and helped me take it off, eager to feel me inside of her.

The cage that I wear is a modified version of the ones that you can buy at “adult toy" stores, but since I own a machine shop, it’s more secure than the plastic models on the market. It has a hinged stainless steel ring that encircles my cock and balls. It stretches my balls out from my body a little, so I’m always just a tiny bit aware that it’s on. I expect that after a while my skin will stretch enough to be just a bit more comfortable, but it hasn’t happened yet. The cage itself is held on by two thin plastic-coated stainless steel bands fastened to the cock ring. When soft, the end of my cock just about reaches the end of the cage, and just about fills the sides. That means that as soon as I get excited, my cock swells to the point where I’m exceedingly uncomfortable. Naturally, it can’t extend any further, so the skin bulges out from the metal. It stops just short of being painful. The problem is that when I’m aroused, the feeling of constriction itself becomes even more arousing, and I’m trapped in a vicious cycle. You’d think that since I had designed and built it myself that I’d have been more aware of the comfort factor, but wearing something for a few hours is nothing like wearing it for a few weeks.

Another one of the benefits for my wife is that once I take off the cage, my cock is swollen wider than normal. I suspect that this is part of the reason that she likes me so confined. I teased my head into her, just the tip at first. I love to hear her gasp as my head slides in and rubs that spot under her pubic bone. In, then slowly out, and in less than a minute she was coming. Even though I was excited myself, I managed to give her some slow, deep strokes. I like to pull out just about all the way, and then plunge back in, my head dragging her lips. She gets very wet, and I like to fuck her this way until she’s come quite a few times. This time was no exception, and after she had come four or five times, I pressed my hips tightly against her and hugged her body close to mine. My head was still swollen, and when I angled my hips up, she responded by scratching my back with her nails. Gradually I sped up my tempo, and in another minute she was biting my shoulder, and I heard her moan lightly as she came.

Seeing that she was still excited, I turned her on her side. She loves to have me fill her this way, and she was so wet that I slipped right in. I pushed my hips up to hers so hard that her eyes popped open in surprise.

Too hard?" I asked, “Want me to stop?"

She shook her head, barely able to speak. “Just, umm… a little… ooohhhh," she moaned.

I love to watch her in the daylight, so I continued to fuck her this way for a few more minutes. My balls were swollen and sore, and as they dragged on her thigh I became more stimulated. I again pushed deeply. “Oh, honey, I want to come this way. Can I come yet?" I asked her feverishly.

She nodded, “Come for me." and pushed her hips back to meet mine.

I closed my eyes for a moment and gripped her side and her thigh. I thrust deeply into her, feeling my sore balls rubbing her thigh. Moments later, I felt my hot come gushing out, so much that it squished out of her before I had even finished. Wave after wave of pleasure propelled my hips forward until my cock was sore from pulsing. Weakly I leaned over her to kiss her neck, and then without pulling out, settled down to snuggle, spoon-style.

"That sounded nice," she said, her arm lazily caressing my leg.

"Mmmm," I moaned, “that’s because I finally got to stretch my love muscle." I hugged her tightly, enjoying her warm back against my chest and warm ass against my groin. “When I’m locked up, I can’t stretch, so all those spasms get backed up, you know." I kissed her neck. “Of course, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want me to do this more often."

She playfully pushed me away, “Because then it wouldn’t feel so special to you. I’m just trying to give you what you asked for." She turned to face me, and gave me a long, deep kiss. “And doesn’t it feel good when we finally get to have sex?" I couldn’t argue with her, so we lay there for a few more minutes until I had to leave for work. She watched me squeeze myself back into the chastity cage and lock it up. I got dressed, and remembered the morning for the rest of the week.

... to be continued

Tuesday, May 22

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 1

Week 1
They tell you to be careful in what you wish for.

As usual, I awoke with an erection. Or, more correctly, my attempt at an erection woke me; the feeling of my cock trying to grow, to stretch and swell was hampered by its confinement in a steel cage which was firmly anchored to my swollen balls by a hinged stainless steel ring, and secured with a small brass padlock which was, of course, securely locked. The constant straining against the cage had woken me, as it had woken me every morning since my wife had requested that I wear it.

It started off innocuously enough. We had been experimenting with a male chastity device, a kind of cage for my cock to heighten the teasing and denial games that we had been playing. We typically played for a few hours to a few days over a long weekend, and it usually ended in one of us removing the cage and indulging in some great sex.

One night, a week or so before my birthday, she mentioned that a neat present would be to have her lock me up for more than a few days, perhaps a week, just to heighten the arousal. I thought that she would blow it off, like she had several times in the past, but the next night found her straddling my hips, bringing me to the edge of coming, and dangling the cage in front of me. In an apparent change of attitude about the subject, she told me that once I came I would have to put on "the cage" until she felt like letting me out – no argument. When I agreed - and I was so horny that I would have agreed to anything – she then told me to beg her to lock me up ("So you won't complain, since it will be your own choice," she explained). The thought of her keeping me locked up, but continuing to tease me for a few days was pretty hot - so hot, in fact, that as I was "begging," I came harder that I'd thought possible. She gave me a few moments to bask in the afterglow, and demanded that I lock myself up again. Sometimes she teased me about the cage just to see how aroused I would get, but this time she was serious. So I put it on and she locked it. I figured that a few days of erotic torture leading up to my birthday would be fun. A week would be the longest time we'd ever gone, and I actually looked forward to the buildup of excitement.

The next morning my erection straining at the cage woke me up, and I teased myself a bit by caressing her as she slept. She woke slowly, and snaked her hand down to my cock. Sighing and moaning a bit, she moved my hand to the warm area between her legs. Obligingly, I stroked her, surprised at how quickly she became wet. Barely a few minutes later she moaned and arched her hips, and I slowed my stroking to allow her to come down. She smiled, and opened her eyes for the first time. She reached up to give me a good-morning kiss, and her hand again slid down to fondle my caged cock. I whimpered as she shook and stroked the few bits of flesh that bulged through the bars and firmly squeezed my balls.

She whispered “Do you have your key? Get it for me, please."

Not needing to be told twice, I hopped out of bed and riffled through my pants for my keyring. I removed the little silver key from the ring and sliding back into bed, handed it to her. She placed it firmly on her nightstand, and turned to see the look of amazement on my face. "What, did you think that I was going to unlock you so soon?"

I nodded, unable to speak.

She took my face in her hands and said "I want to make sure that you have a wonderful birthday present. I mean, you suggested it, right?"

"Er, no. You suggested it."

"Whatever. The point is that it’s your present and you agreed, right?"

I nodded again, feeling devastated.

"Good," she said, laying back down, "Now, how about making some coffee while I snooze for a few more minutes."

That was a week before my birthday. I remember that morning well.

The time ever since then has been incredible - for her. For the next few days she was pampered with massages and pedicures, and of course, with lots of attention from my fingers and tongue. I rubbed her body with cream after her shower, massaged her feet and painted her toenails. I still remember the first night when she rolled over to go to sleep, completely ignoring the state that I was in. It didn't take long before I was crazy with desire for her, and I tried to convince her to unlock me so that I could come. I even told her that she could lock me back up again after I was done. She anticipated that, however, and told me that she "accidentally" left the keys at work to avoid giving in to temptation. I continued to service her with my tongue each night and with my fingers in the morning, feeling my cock painfully straining against the cage. She had all the benefits, except that of feeling my warm cock inside her. She didn't complain, though, and managed to suffer through it by having me fuck her with a realistic silicone dildo while I licked and sucked on her pussy. One night, I wore her strap-on dildo and despite the maddening feeling of not being able to come, I gave her a nice long fucking that ended with a shuddering orgasm for her - and an incredibly frustrated sleepless night for me.

Finally my birthday arrived. She continued to tease me all evening, and by bedtime, I was a wreck. Then she did something that really blew my mind. The flesh of my cock was literally swollen out of the bars of the cage after an evening of pleasuring her. Crazy with desire, I lay on top of her, kissing and caressing her when my caged cock brushed her still wet pussy. Thrusting and twisting, I managed to push it a short way into her. The feeling was incredible; she had never seemed so tight or hot. Yet even as I carefully thrust into her, she began to moan and squirm. Unbelievably, she was coming. Here I was, frustrated and caged, my the skin of my cock bulging like a sausage through the bars of the cage; and she was coming! The thought was too much for me, and right after she came, I could feel the incredible pressure building up inside me as well. Unable to hold back, I desperately tried to come, but the cage left me unable to flex my shaft. Disappointingly, I had no satisfying spasms, just a few meager dribbles and suddenly, before it had even begun, it was over. It was worse than nothing; I was more frustrated than ever. My wife, perversely enjoying my lack of release, pushed my head down between her legs so that I could satisfy her. As usual, when she was finished she rolled over to go to sleep, again leaving me caged and horny.

The next morning after my birthday I awoke horny, frustrated, sore, and still caged. My wife didn't seem very eager to unlock me, so I asked her to let me out so that we might have a quickie before work. She grew quiet and looked away for a moment. Sensing that something was up, I nudged her. Pushing me onto my back, she gave me a kiss and explained that she had been getting many more benefits from having me locked up than she would have realized. She said that she liked that I was attentive, always ready to please her, and that she never had any mess to clean up afterward. She started to explain that although she missed my cock inside her, she was willing to put up with it for a while. It began to dawn on me that she was enjoying the situation more than I had anticipated. She reminded me that since it was my wish to be caged in the first place, she had no intention to unlock me anytime soon.

Week 2
Sometimes it’s hard to remember that this was supposed to be my present.

Even though I've been taking care of her well - very well - with my mouth and fingers and the dildo, she insists that she misses the feel of my cock inside her. The problem is that the longer I'm caged, the hornier I become. And the hornier I become, the tougher it is for me to last long enough to satisfy her. Since then, I've been let out only about once a week so that she could enjoy the feeling of my cock, swollen from my constant caged erections. Sometimes it's at night just before she goes to sleep, but usually it's on her day off.

The first time that she let me out was wonderful. After being caged up for over a week, I fucked her wildly. Pushing her onto her side, I entered her deeply. It felt so good, I barely noticed how many times she came. Finally she decided that she wanted to ride my cock. She moaned a little as I pulled out, but wasted no time in straddling my hips and lowering herself onto me. I tried to hold back, but watching her come so strongly sent my already overloaded libido over the edge and I came hard - over a week's worth of desire and frustration suddenly released. My throat was sore from moaning, and I could barely move my legs.

"That was the best sex we’ve had in I don’t know when," I told her when I could catch my breath.

She nodded, rubbing a washcloth over my cock. “Obviously to me," she said, “all that saving up just made it so much better." She dangled the cage over my cock and added, “Hurry up and put this on. I want to go to sleep." I started to complain but she stopped me, “Do I have to remind you that this is your birthday present?"

"Um, yeah," I answered, “but I was thinking it was just going to be for a few days, or a week tops."

"Oh, stop complaining," she told me, “it’s only been a few days, like what, nine or ten days? So a few extra days should be a good thing for you, right? Besides, it’s been pretty good for me."

"Sure, that’s because you’ve been getting some sex every other day."

She just smiled. “Uh huh, just how it should be. Besides, it was your idea, wasn’t it?"

I had to admit that I had begged for it. So she snuggled up in my arms and soon we fell asleep, tired but well sated.

... to be continued...

Friday, April 20

Not the Usual Birthday Present

It's been a while since I posted a Friday Fantasy, and as I explained earlier, I just haven't had it in me lately to do one. But based on the popularity of the few chastity related posts, I thought that some of you would find this interesting.

I wrote this story some years ago, and posted it on several different web boards. It's been ripped off and re-posted by others - in one case on the same web board. I've made some small edits for grammar and spelling that I'd missed earlier, but the story is the same. And yes, there is a particular Friday Fantasy sub-plot that you will recognize.

For those so inclined, enjoy!

Friday, March 23

Commentation on My Chastity Story

It's been three weeks since I posted about one of the chastity episodes with my wife. Except for a couple of Yahoo groups, I've never told that story anywhere; I'm amazed that I still feel embarrassed about some of my kinks, even behind the anonymity of the internet, but I'm even more amazed at how interesting other people found it. I've had 1,600 hits on that post alone, and several hundred more on my old Blogger site, and over a dozen comments. Some of you left questions, and I wanted to take the opportunity to address them.

Lady Julia Says: How do you feel about this years later? Are you happy you did it? Do you have any regrets?

This took place about two years ago. Yes, we are both happy that we did this, and it led to some good - and long overdue - discussions between us about sexuality and intimacy. It was good for me to finally begin to express some of the kinkier sides of me that I repressed for the previous decade. And I think it was particularly good for my wife to allow herself some creative sex play, something that she seemed to have given up since we were married. It took me a long time to become convinced that she was enjoying herself, and not simply indulging me.

Aside from the regret that we hadn't done this years earlier, I do regret that we still had not been able to resolve some of our issues with emotional intimacy when this happened. Unfortunately, there were times when it seemed (to me) that keeping me locked up (as we called it) might have been a means for her to avoid intimacy. It really wasn't until last year that we were able to get more of a handle on the real issues. That ties into the part about my wondering if she was merely being indulgent; fortunately, we are now able to address those issues better than we had in the past.

Suzy Says: I’d have to be in the no column as well:)

Understandably so. I want to stress that my wife did not really want this to be a permanent condition; but as we began to explore, just talking about the fantasy became very hot for both of us. It was a good experience overall, though, and it allowed the both of us to examine how reality intersects with fantasy.

Russ Says: Wow… Not sure I could last 48 hours, let alone months.

A few years ago, I would have said the same thing. It's not as if I had always had this fantasy; as I explained later, it just sort of snuck up on me. To give it some perspective, I've often referred to it as "BDSM Lite" - the device became a 24/7 reminder of a change in our relationship. It's kind of like having bondage without the the overt display of collars and other equipment.

Sassy Says: Also sounds like she found her niche. Did you ever think she would come so far from where you were initially?

She did find a niche, and even now she occasionally wants me to wear the harness, even without me being locked up; she really enjoys the idea of me being aroused and frustrated. It gives her a sense of control or ownership that she finds exciting.

I don't know how far I had expected her to come. When we were dating she showed some rather overt dominant traits, which was one of the things that attracted me to her. I was, however, surprised when she admitted that she would like to try this.

diggerjones Says: So when does she apply the soldering iron to the lock to make it permenent?

As I said, we both find this to be a hot fantasy, but neither of us would want this for more than a few weeks months years at a time.

Cat Says: "she confessed that the hottest thing in the world at the moment was knowing that I was caged, frustrated, and aroused just for her." Are you kidding what woman would not find that appealing????

Cat, that's why I like you!
I've been active in several Chastity groups for some years, and I can tell you that according to the men who post, most women partners are horrified, bored, disinterested, or freaked out by the idea. I think that a lot of men approach it in a way that is probably a turn-off for them, but it's apparently not for everyone.

I saved Kimba for last...

kimba Says: Tom..? I have questions..

That's why I'm here.

Don’t you miss the feeling of your wife? Especially against your fren piercing and all?

You missed the part where I said that this happened a couple of years ago. I was describing a series of episodes that started opening up the concepts for us. It's okay; you were probably one of those who skipped the details and went straight to the hot sex part.

I am thinking now of your penis far more than I think I should..

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that one... I'd have a dollar.

I guess this post heightens the more than just physical act of lovemaking.. Damn I am talking around in circles trying to understand the concept..

No, this is actually very insightful. When I put on the harness and make love to my wife, is it sex? Of course it is! Sex isn't just about tubes of meat - it's about the sensual and the emotional, the sights and sounds and feelings all over your body. Hell, it's not even about the orgasm; I have found that the anticipation and arousal are more enjoyable- certainly much longer lasting - than the ten seconds of fireworks. I'm not discounting those ten seconds, of course, but I have long ago learned not to make them the reason for everything that leads up to them.

Back when I was in my early 20s I used to practice yoga. I ran across Tantric and Taoist practices, and learned about the pleasure that can be had by limiting my own physical orgasms, to sublimate them, as it were, into pleasure of another sort. It's not for everybody, admittedly. But over the years I have found that I really enjoy the low-level arousal that stays with me for days at a time.

Monday, March 19

Chastity - Some Backstory, Part 1

Just what is the fascination with chastity devices and orgasm denial? In the couple of weeks past that I posted a bit about my wife and I experimenting with it, my blog hits have gone through the roof. That post has had more hits in the last two weeks than the next most popular post had in a month - and considering that the previous post had been mentioned in Sugasm, that's saying a lot.

There were some good comments on that post, too, but before I get into all that, I think this would be an appropriate time to give some background to this.

Back in the early 1990s, when the internet was still for geeks, one of my hobbies was web surfing. You know,go to a site, find a link, from there go to another site, then another, then another, until it was 1:15 am and you were a long way from where you'd started at 8:30 pm. Because I'm a normal guy, I'd look for p0rn - not so much for wank fodder, but simply because I found it enjoyable to look at attractive, leather-clad, whip-wielding Mistress types (Sorry, Bitchy, but the thigh-booted, cruel Dominatrix look is still hot, no matter what you say about it). I'd also look for stories, and more importantly, web forums where I could read about people - real people - who were exploring their BDSM-ish natures, especially since this was not an outlet easily open to me in Lower Podunk.

Anyway, in surfing one evening, I ran across a link to a fairly new site that had mostly emails from men (and some women) about chastity devices; reviews of the several devices available at the time, tips on how to make home-made devices, and tales (some true, some not) of being locked in for various periods of time. Chastity aficionados will recognize this as the inimitable Altairboy pages; perhaps the oldest, and certainly the most famous of this genre. I read the stories on that website the way one might look with fascination while passing an automobile accident. To me, it was almost beyond comprehension; I'd spent most of my adult life trying to have as much sex as possible, and here were people - mostly men, but not all - who were not only being denied, but who enjoyed it.


After an hour or two of reading, I left the site, and didn't think much about it, until a year or so later I ran across it again. I couldn't believe that dozens of new stories had been added, plus pictures, and even more tips on modifying home-built devices. I again scanned the site, and surfed on elsewhere.

But the seed had taken root.

A few months later I was back again. And then a few weeks later. And then I'd stop by weekly to see if there were any new posts. I began to find them arousing, in fact, and read a few of them more than once.

And then, it happened. If you had told me this a couple of years previously I'd have said that you were crazy, but it happened all the same: I began to wonder how it would be to be locked into a device. I began to imagine them in my head, how they would look, how they would fit, and how I would feel with someone - one of those stern, cruel, Mistress-y types, perhaps - holding the key.

The various online fetish shops were selling items that, while not good for long-term use, were probably okay for weekend play, maybe even a week. I looked at them. And looked at them. Looked at some more. And finally, after exchanging several emails with Joel, owner of The Stockroom, I actually bought one; the style that they used to call a Stallion Guard. It looks pretty cool, but the cage was a little bulky, and did not bend into the most comfortable position for long-term wear. Also, the leather strap that encircled the balls began to stretch to the point where I had to cut new slots in it in order to keep it from slipping off. Lesson learned: "fetish" wear does not necessarily mean "comfort" wear.

By this time the CB2000 had come to the market, and after looking at pictures for several months, I began to get an idea for a device that incorporated the cage with a more comfortable design, and one that could be worn for long periods. Oh, and security would be a big issue to overcome, but since I have a machine shop to putter around in, I felt confident that I could work out the details. So, I decided to build my own.

Friday, March 9

Fetish Lore

No, this is not about the history of fetishes. I'm just taking a moment to mention that the cottage industry of kink that is otherwise known as Richard - the pansexual polyfetishist - apparently does not had enough to do with the dozen or so blogs and feed aggregates that he manages; so he has just begun a web message board:

Fetish Lore

The board is for the discussion of D/s, BDSM, kink and fetishes. He hopes to have it develop as a low-profile operation for the education of those who are new to the lifestyle, who have questions but might be embarrassed to post at some of the more heavily trafficked groups. There are discussion groups ranging from the psychology and philosophy of D/s, to practical tips on bondage, to chastity and orgasm denial, to... well, you'll just have to see for yourself. I'll be checking in regularly to answer questions on chastity and orgasm denial, and I expect that some other well-known blogsters will be dropping by, as well.

Richard and I have exchanged an email or three over the last couple of years, and I have always found him to be calm, serious, and not disposed to suffering those from the Church of the One True Way lightly. I suspect that there are a number of people who read the various blogs who have questions about these topics that won't be answered on them. Discussion boards can be a great resource for those who are looking for some education and support, and I urge anyone who might be too shy to post on the Comments sections to drop by and check things out.

Friday, March 2

My own chastity story

Okay, I've got a story, of sorts. It's not my usual Friday Fantasy because, well, it's not fantasy. This goes back to when my wife and I were first experimenting with chastity play and orgasm denial.

I've mentioned that a few years ago my wife and I tried some chastity play for a while. It started off as "just for a couple of weeks," and when a couple of weeks went by, we ( and yes, it was a "we" decision, we're not into any serious D/s) thought we'd go for a month. The month turned into two, then three and then six, and it ended up being almost 8 1/2 months of 24/7 wear in my CB3000. I was not allowed to have an orgasm during that entire time. Since it was mostly her idea in the first place - we had been looking for a kink to experiment with and that seemed to grab her fancy - I went along with any decision she made about it, just so she could get comfortable with the idea.

At first, she unlocked me a couple of times a week to have sex, and then I would clean up and we would replace the cage. After a month or so, we invested in a good strap-on harness and a good silicone dildo, and my unlockings became less frequent, several times it being four, five, or six weeks running. She prefers penetration over oral, so the harness really worked well for her. When the time came for our agreement to end, we were in the middle of some marital differences, so we put away the toys for a bit. We thought about playing once in a while, but frankly, after 8 months, going for a couple of weeks just didn't seem quite as exciting, so we didn't bother with it for a while.

Anyway, about seven or eight months after we had ended the last session, my wife left for a trip to visit some family for a week. I stayed home because of work (and because I enjoy my alone time anyway). So after spending the first day masturbating a few times out of boredom, I dug out the CB3k, cleaned it off and locked it on myself. Surprisingly, it didn't take long for me to get used to it again, so I left it on for the rest of the week. When it came time to head to the airport to pick her up, I was going to remove it, but at the last minute decided to leave it on. I got the bags, we had dinner, and she didn't discover it until we got home. She felt it against her leg, but didn't say anything until later on when we went to bed. She then asked why I had put it on and how long I'd worn it (just for the hell of it, and all week). We talked and then made out for a few minutes, and that's when I discovered something: she was wet. No, I don't mean the moistness that women get when they're aroused; I mean literally dripping down her legs with excitement.

I made love to her with my fingers and my mouth for a while, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, and then she asked me to put on the harness. I entered her, slowly at first, resting my weight on her and remembering how to angle myself for her pleasure. By this time I was rock-hard inside my cage, my balls were tight against the ring, everything straining to be free. I found my rhythm, and brought her to a tremendous climax literally within a minute. I slowed to give her time to breathe, and she indicated that I should keep going. As I continued my slow, deep thrusts, she began talking to me - something she rarely does during lovemaking - asking me how it felt to be locked up again, telling me that she missed me inside the device, and telling me how hot it made her to feel the dildo deep inside her with my hard cock inside the cage bumping into her ass. In no time at all she was coming again. And again. And again. It seemed that each time was more powerful than the last. Finally, I whispered in her ear that I didn't want her to allow me to come that night, that I would stay locked up because it was obviously making her so hot, and she came so suddenly and so hard that she gave herself a headache. We relaxed for a few minutes and then went to sleep. Well, at least she did - I was awake for a while longer, trying to calm down.

We had things to do during the week, so we didn't even get a chance to talk, let alone have a repeat of that first night. But finally the weekend came, and Friday night found us freshly showered and in bed, our bodies hot against each other. I reminded her that I hadn't come in over two weeks, and in response, she placed my hand on her mound so I could again feel how wet she had become just thinking about my frustration that week. No oral tonight, she asked me to put the harness on right away, and we spent the next hour in some more serious lovemaking. Again, I noted how turned on she seemed to be, and she kept repeating that she was getting off more and more on the idea of having me locked up. And that's when it started to come out; she whispered that she wanted to keep me locked up even longer than the last time, to not even let me out for a moment. Each time she mentioned it brought her to another climax, and by the end of the evening she was as worn out as I'd ever seen her. She went right to sleep from sheer exhaustion, while I lay awake for a while, not just from my own frustrated arousal, as from this new development on her part. Was she really serious?

A few days later I began to get an idea of just how serious she was. We went to bed early one night, and began kissing and fondling each other, and she said that because she was tired, she only wanted me to take her with the dildo for five or ten minutes. So during our lovemaking, I asked her how serious she was about not letting me out and about going for longer than last time. Nice months? Ten? Perhaps a year? She started to respond that the idea of me agreeing to go for a year was so hot... and she climaxed right in the middle of her sentence! Oh yes, she was serious; she'd love to see me frustrated, to know that I'd be aroused and excited all the time just for her. Our "five or ten minutes" soon turned into 45, and again she fell asleep out of exhaustion. Needless to say, I was awake - again - for quite some time.

Fortunately, we managed to make time for each other a couple of days later, and I tried to keep our lovemaking slow and paced. I asked her how serious she was, and each time she kept responding that she wanted me to stay locked up for a long time. Then she asked the tough question: Did I want to know how long? I thought about it, and told her no, I don't want to know - I was willing to leave it completely at her discretion. Oh, how that sent her into a series of short, fast orgasms; and when she was done, she asked me to tell her again, to beg her to keep me locked up. Each time I told her that I didn't want to come sent waves of pleasure through her like I'd never seen. She even suggested that we make a replica of my own cock, so that she'd never have a reason to allow me to be out, and I told her that we could check for something, since they had several that were very natural looking. She wondered how I'd feel about being "replaced", and of course, I told her that as long as I was keeping her satisfied, it was good enough for me. Ah yes, that was the right answer, and she soon finished, exhausted and happy.

Needless to say, by the end of the week we had checked the Blowfish site and had decided on the Bent Realistic (medium) because it seemed to be the closest thing to my own natural shape and size. I spent the money for the expedited shipping, and soon found just how closely it resembled me - close enough to make her very excited and me very nervous. We couldn't wait to try it out, though, and soon I was half proud and half jealous of this new addition. The large head stimulated her better than the dildo we had been using, and best - or maybe worst - of all, she kept saying how much it felt just like my own cock. I found that I could position it just a little lower on my hips, and before long my wife was whispering in my ear thoughts and fantasies of keeping me locked in the device for longer and longer periods, of not ever allowing me to come, of forever feeling my cage pressed against her ass while I filled her with my new silicone "friend". And each time she whispered a new fantasy brought her another wave of pleasure, another climax, and another satisfied sigh.

We finished with her asking me to lay on my back so she could ride me. This is my favorite position because I enjoy watching her. As she pressed herself onto me, I felt the stirrings of a "release", what I call it when my body is about to release it's semen without an orgasm. I told her what was happening, and she paused and asked me to stop. It was very difficult because I'd gotten so completely turned on from pleasuring her, but I managed to hold on. When I was back in control, she told me that she didn't even want me to release unless she gave me permission, perhaps once a month or so. She continued to move her hips on me, slowly, just enough to keep herself aroused, but not quite enough to come. She told me that she found herself even more excited this time around than the previous session, and while she couldn't explain what the attraction was to her, it became obvious that she had developed a serious kink, perhaps even a fetish for this. As she worked herself into the last climax of the night, she confessed that the hottest thing in the world at the moment was knowing that I was caged, frustrated, and aroused just for her. She said that she was serious about not allowing me to come, and in fact, about not even allowing me out of the cage for at least six months and probably for a year, to a year and a half - right up until the summer. Could I handle it?

I don't know.

Could I?

Could you?

Sunday, February 18

Fauxdommes & Fauxmissives

Sometimes it's simply too difficult to keep one's mind in the game. All those rules and regulations start running together, and if you're not focused you'll wake up one morning and realize that you're confused, and that some Dick will tell you that you're not as real as you once thought you were. Then the existential questions will follow. W/which L/letters G/get C/capitalized? Who gets and who gives the oral? Which one of you gets on top? Should you really need the restraints? Where's the corkscrew for that bottle of golden champagne? And whatever happened to that steaming hot sex you were having?

In other words, smoking more now, but enjoying it less?

Take heart - now there's hope for the busy would-be kinksters who simply don't have time for those D/s ettiquette courses. A recently dicovered Tantric manuscript found in the Earl of Edgerton's library (that is, under the cracked floorboard of the coat closet in the pantry next to the library) describes the long-forgotten art of becoming less "dommier" or "subbier" than the next person, while still managing to increase one's inner pleasure. And since the Earl is already not having sex with more women than he can handle, he has graciously offered to have copies of the manuscript made and passed into the public domain.

Goddesses, Ladies, Mistresses, and Womyn can now learn the re-discovered ancient esoteric and erotic art of "Fauxdomination."

And just as importantly, slaves, would-be slaves, groveling worms, pets, and ambulatory washbasins who have not been able to keep their thoughts focused properly can now learn the ancient art of "fauxmissiveness." Like Fauxdomination, fauxmissiveness is 1/3 easier to practice, and 42% faster to learn.

No longer will a Domme have to weigh the consequences of allowing a submissive to think for himself. Likewise, submissives will no longer have to wonder if they are being selfish when they complain of work pressure, chest pain, or missing appendages.

A smart Fauxdomme will begin training her pet as a fauxmissive without delay. Unless it's really inconvenient right now. But later is good, too.

The Earl apologizes for not making a personal appearance to announce this important find. It seems that he has been somewhat distraught ever since somebody mailed to him a small package (it came C.O.D.) containing a large popsicle stick with a number of rubber bands stapled to the tip.

Sunday, February 4

"... but when I'm bad, I'm terrific."

The quote from Mae West supposedly went "When I'm good, I'm very good; but when I'm bad, I'm terrific." I've always liked the humor of it, but it points up something interesting. As a response to my post on the "fines" for being bad, Suzy (who managed a respectable $610.10) had this to say (before she yanked the post from sheer embarrassment:

I actually did this on the up and up. Pretty much all the bad stuff was before I became involved in with Ty. Some of the fun stuff was afterward:)

I’ve known Ty since high school but of course I was not interested in him at all because he was:


Being with him would have seriously derailed my master plan to completely fuck up my life. In the infinite wisdom of youth I wanted guys who were none of the above. Boy there’s another whole blog. Better go before I get all bummed out and start running up the fines again.

Likewise, Kimba had something in a similar vein recently:

Really guys.. I used to like you ten years ago.. So why now are so many of you such uptight, ungenerous, unadventurous, unromantic, pain in the arse bastards?
[Do you] guys get dicked around by women who promise they'll call and never do.. by women who leave you as soon as the sex is over, your pants still around your ankles?

I've belonged to several web groups where the longest running threads often had titles like "Why do women like jerks?" or "I'm a nice guy, why can't I find a nice girl?" And as much as I hate playing up the stereotypes, I think that this one deserves some discussion. Like Ty, when I was young I thought that the way to attract women was to be polite, decent, honest and considerate.

Umm... not that I ever was all of those things consistently, of course, but I did make an effort.

In high school I did the "nice guy" thing and consequently spent a lot of Saturday nights hanging out with the other nice guys. In college, though, I began to wise up. Good thing, too, or else I'd have missed out on a lot of interesting experiences and this blog would have to be called "The Solid Middle of Vanilla."

I was reminiscing about some of those experiences from back then, and I remember something interesting. When I was about 21 or 22, I roomed with a guy I'd met when I was a freshman. We became good friends over the next few years, and after college he and I shared an apartment for a while. It was our first bachelor pad. No lava lights or shag carpeting, but it was a nice place, warm, off-street parking, and working utilities. We were both polite, attentive, sensitive, and well read.

Translation: we were often dateless on Saturday nights. And Fridays. Not much happening on Thursdays, either. Well, we did get a lot of the "chaste kiss followed by 'I really like you as a friend...' " routines.

My friend finally snapped under the pressure. He was tired of being a "friend" to all of these women who only wanted to cry over what a jerk their last (or current) boyfriend was being toward them. He decided that the only way to get any action was to be a real jerk, himself. An "insufferable bastard", I believe he termed it. And he methodically set about acting as boorish and loutish as one could imagine. I tried this, too, but when we traded tales, he was much better at it than I. He stood women up, neglected to call them afterwards, stopped taking them to nice places for dinner and instead took them to dives. He would take their number and not call them after sex - which he seemed to be having in record quantities.

He stopped picking them up, insisting that dates meet him someplace. And unbelievably, his social calendar was always full. He did this for about a year and a half. I met many of his dates; some of them worked with him, some of them met him through other friends. The weirdest part was that some of them told me that they had "never really noticed him before," but lately found that there was "something different" about him. One of them used to call me monthly to complain about how he never called her anymore, and asked if he had said anything to me about that.

He and I lost touch over the years, but we reconnected a few years ago, and one night we went out to dinner and spent a few hours talking about that whole thing. I now think that he used it as an excuse to take out some hostility, but that's a completely unprofessional opinion. But the fact remains that date-wise, he was much more successful at attracting women when he acted like a jerk.

He finally met someone that he liked enough to make him stop. There is no small irony in that she turned out to have a bitchy streak a mile wide, and after about 15 years, she divorced him and married the guy that she'd been cheating on him with. An alcoholic with a poor job history and a motorcycle.

There's a lesson in here someplace. Isn't there?

Friday, January 26

Friday... Naked Lunch

"Try this. I think it's a little bland, but we can work with it."

"Mmm. Yes, it would be nice to spice it up a bit."

"You want it spicier? Really?"

"Yes, you know I like it spicy!"

"Didn't you tell me last week that things were too spicy lately, and you needed to have it more 'comforting', I think you called it?"

"Well, that was last week. I'm hungry for something spicier now."

"How spicy do you want it?"

"A little spicier than this."

"A little?"


"Tell me. How spicy?"

"More. "

"Tell me, dammit! How spicy?"

"More! I want more. More than this."

"Okay, how's this?"



"Nuh uh. More."

"Okay, have some of this! How's that, huh?"

"Oooh. Yeah, more like that."

"You want more? Huh? You want more of this?"

"Yes, yes, yes... more, give me more."

"Okay, you asked for it. See this? Huh, see how big it is?"

"Oooh, it's big, isn't it?"

"I'm going to put it in."

"No! Not all of it?"

"You want spicy, I'm gonna give you spicy."

"Ooohhhh, I'll never be able to take all that."

"Oh yes you will. You're gonna take it, and you're gonna like it, you hear me?"

"Oh, oh...Oh!"

"Liking, it, aren't you?"

"Y... yes."

"Here, take some more."

"No, I don't think I ca... oooh, yes, that's good."

"Yeah, like that. Now I'm gonna give you all of it."


"Yeah, all. Here it goes... there, how's that?"

"Mmmmm... oh yes, yes, yes... that's fantastic."

"There, satisfied now?"

"Oh yes! That's what I like! Thank you for making it so spicy for me."

"It's my pleasure. Just remind me to pick up another bottle of chipotle sauce at the grocery next week."