Sunday, July 15

Not the Usual Anniversary Present - 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Week 7:
There soon developed a routine.

Over the next few weeks, life was pretty uneventful – for me, anyway. About two or three times a week my wife would get a nice massage or foot rub or back rub at bedtime, and would roll over to sleep, leaving me frustrated with desire. About once or twice during the week she would have me lick her or rub her, which left me even more frustrated. Sometimes she would awaken early and have me rub her, my fingers massaging her wet pussy, giving her a nice little orgasm. She would give a quick stroke to my cock, swollen and purple inside my cage. Then she’d go back to sleep for an hour while I got ready for work. Other times she would take a quick shower right before bed, my signal that I would be expected to lick her until she was ready to go to sleep. This could take five minutes, or an hour. Once she straddled my face, grinding her pussy onto my mouth so hard that I almost couldn’t breath. The whole time that I ate her, she squeezed my balls, already sore and swollen. She tried to tease the tip of my cock with her tongue, but the bars on the cage were too close together. These sessions always ended with her going to sleep, and me lying wide awake for another hour with an ache deep in my groin.

During the course of the week, I’d find myself hugging her, brushing up against her, fondling her, copping a quick feel – anything to arouse her enough to let me out. Ironically, I couldn’t get enough of feeling her, but the more I felt, the crazier it made me. My wife knew this, of course, and although the amount of sexual contact we had never increased, the amount of sexual tension certainly did. Wanting her was constantly on my mind. Sometimes she would take off her shirt in the night, and I would awake lying next to her smooth skin. It seemed like everything she did was meant to make me want her all the more.

Week 9:
It didn’t take long before the arrangement started to seem normal.

After the first few weeks, I noticed that despite how it seemed, we really didn’t have any more or less sex than usual. Well, I certainly didn’t have any more, but without the luxury of taking matters into my own hands, so to speak, the week-long period seemed ten times as long. She, on the other hand, never seemed to want me enough to unlock me more than once a week or so. Of course, at first, she had me making her come a few times a week, so she was just fine with the arrangement. As the weeks went on, though, my enforced chastity seemed to lose the novelty. Not enough for her to unlock me and end the game, but enough so that she sometimes didn’t even want me to make her come all week. I gently suggested that she remove my cage so that we could take a break for a few weeks, but she told me that she’d then have to worry about me touching myself all the time, and besides, she liked for me to always a little on edge for her.

I noticed that the whenever I was re-locked after coming, I would be very excited for the first day or two. Then I would slowly settle down and spend the next few days perversely enjoying the sexual tension. If confined more than a week, though, I became too horny to enjoy it, and could only think about my next release. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to matter to my wife. She put off my attentions by reminding me that the chastity cage was my idea in the first place, and that it wasn’t her fault if she ended up getting more benefit from it than I did. I tried to reason with her by suggesting that more frequent “time off" for me would be better for her, since I wouldn’t be so crazed with desire and would be able to last a lot longer for her. After a few weeks, though, she just shrugged and told me that she was able to “make do", and that I should stop pestering her.

One week I wasn’t able to stay home on her day off. We were both disappointed, but she didn’t make a big deal of it. I, on the other hand, was frantic. That night in bed, she kissed me, and pushed my head down to her pussy. “Lick me," she commanded, “I’ve been waiting all day for this." She crossed her legs over my shoulders and stretched back. I held her hips as I flicked my tongue lightly over her lips and clitoris. She lifted her hips a bit as she came, and I slowed my licking, so she could catch her breath.

"Mmm, are you ready to fuck me, now?" she asked breathily.

"Of course I am, I’ve been waiting all day for this, too, you know." I rolled over to allow her to unlock me. “Where’s the key?"

"Oh no, you had your chance this morning," she admonished, “You’ll just have to fuck me with the dildo and eat me at the same time. You know, the way I like it now."

"But… but…" I stammered, “It wasn’t my fault about work!"

She shrugged and reached for dong in the dresser drawer. Acting as if she hadn’t heard me, she simply handed it to me and pushed my head toward her mound. “You’re supposed to be ready whenever I want some," she explained, “that’s supposed to be one of the fringe benefits of our arrangement, isn’t it?"

I just moaned in frustration, and went back to licking her lightly.

"Don’t worry," she said, “I’ll give you some later."

"Oh? Later tonight?" I asked hopefully. By this time I was teasing her with the head of the dildo.

She stiffened, “Uh unh, not tonight," she replied in a distracted voice, “I meant later, on my next day off."

Only her legs around my shoulders kept me from jumping up. “What?! But that’s next week! That’s not fair!"

Seemingly taking no notice, she reached down to guide my head again to her mound. “I know, it’s not fair that I should have to wait to get your cock inside me, but I’ll have to make do." she stiffened under my tongue, and I resumed fucking her with the dildo. "Oooh, fuck me nice, like that…. Mmmmm," she moaned. She was obviously beyond understanding, so I ate her that way until she came a few more times. Pushing my head away, she settled back with a sigh. “Hurry, clean up and come hold me, I’m sleepy now." Completely oblivious to my aching, swollen cock, she soon fell asleep in my arms. I, however, spent the night silently moaning in frustration.

The next morning, I again complained that it had been a week for me, and that it was unfair to make me wait until the next day off, especially when she had gotten off the night before. She countered with saying that it was unfair to her, as well, since she still enjoyed my nice cock, but being tired at night, it didn’t seem worth it to go through the trouble of unlocking me, moving into all those different positions, cleaning up afterward, and then locking me up again. In fact, she continued, since it was my fault that she had to do without, it was only fair that I had to do without. Besides, her next day off would be here before I knew it.

to be continued...