Friday, December 31


You are probably here because you clicked on a Comment I left on another blog.

Or perhaps a web search, most likely involving the terms "chastity", "orgasm denial", "male chastity" or "chastity device", pointed you here.


I don't use this blog, at least, not with any regularity. But despair not!
This is pretty much just a mirror for the anecdotes and fiction that I've posted on my main blog.

For more details and links to various blogs and resources on sexuality, intimacy and relationships, and of course, the hot chastity porn, please click the link to: The Edge of Vanilla


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    This is a Bloggers Blog. You may find others who share your own interest.

  2. This is just a test of the comment posting.

  3. It's ironic that on your post asking for feedback, Blogger keeps eating my comments. However, it's interesting that what I've been trying to post is essentially what Ayesha and W's M have said. I've left comments here in the past, but never received any appreciable feedback from you about them. Obviously, others have had the same experience. If you want dialogue, you need to keep up your half of the work.

    John, I'm hesitant to call my comments "constructive criticism" because that implies that there is something like "destructive praise." Let's just say that as a long-time blogger, myself, I have some observations that you might find useful.

    "The dialogue and debate has gone missing - the opportunity to engage and move the discussion forward of the topics at hand: Female Led Relationships, male submission and Female Dominance stymied due to….? "

    Due to the fact that you don't actually say anything; or rather, that you haven't said anything new since 2007. I mean, sure, okay, we get it: you consider yourself to be submissive (fsv of "submissive"). But you've been repeating yourself for the last five years, interspersed with the same cliched questions to nobody in particular.